Eels: Shootenanny
Author: Lydia Leg
Rating: 3 / 5

I was not surprised to find out that the EELS have been featured on several movie soundtracks. I can easily see a few of the songs on Shootenanny playing in the background of an indie movie as a brunette heroine bobs down an empty street in her converse all-star high-tops. The songs are catchy, and they’re not unwilling to take risks. However, overall I would not call the album anything more or less than average. The songs most worth downloading are Saturday Morning, Love of the Loveless, and Rock Hard Times. These songs are all part of the lighter side of Shootenanny. It’s possible that I could just be prejudice against the side of the album that leans more toward blues than pop/rock. One of my major problems with the album is that while the lead singer, Mark Everett AKA E, has a perfectly lovely voice he occasionally does this fake raspy voice. It sounds like he decided to wander off and smoke a pack of cigarettes before singing Dirty Girl, and a few other songs. Shootenanny is good driving music, or any kind of general background music but it’s not something that I was just lay down and listen to.