Hot Panda

Hot Panda: Volcano Bloody Volcano
Author: Erin Adams
Overall Rating: 3.5 / 5

Hot Panda is very eclectic. The mix of instruments is very interesting. I have no idea what a glockenspiele is but it sounds great with an accordion. Especially in “Afraid of the Weather”(track 5). It’s peppy. The music reminds me of something that I’d hear in a pumped up version of Juno, especially “Holes”(Track 7) and “Chinatown Bus”(Track 10). My favorite song on the album is “Gold Star Swimmer”(Track 8). The beginning of the song is “London Calling”- esque, but with a glockenspiele. There’s also a nice guitar interlude. My second favorite song is “I Tried Very Hard”(Track 4). It kepps the peppy feel of the entire album, but it slightly deviates from the norm. The two most interesting songs were “Whale Headed Girl”(Track 3) and “Sexual Frustration”(Track 12); Part of me felt as though I was on drugs when I first heard “Whale Headed Girl”, but in a good way. I found the lyrics of “Sexual Frustration” caught my attention. The instrumental part reminded me of The Killers. The lyrics reminded me of something else. Usually, an album starts to wind down towards the end, but Volcano Bloody Volcano goes out with a bang-for the lack of a better term. Overall the album was good, it was eclectic. I found it to be refreshingly different.