That Ghost

That Ghost
Young Fridays
Author: Lucas McCallister
Rating: 2 / 5

Young Fridays is the first album I have heard from Santa Rosa based artist That Ghost. I will give credit to the fact that Ryan Schmale, being a one man band, has more musical talent than I ever have.

But I give this album a resounding “Meh”.

My first impressions of Young Fridays were non existent. I attempted to do other work while writing the album, and honestly, I didn’t even notice when it was done playing. On a second listening, I paid closer attention. At least the entire thing is well mixed, with each instrument where it should be relative to each other, and the vocals at just the right level. My one problem is partially with Schmale’s personal style – all the vocals are put through a vox distortion to make them static and distant… which is cool on some songs, but eventually makes all the songs run together. It isn’t even like all the songs are the same, but the similarity of the guitar and vocals make it all grey and runny. Maybe it is supposed to be.

It has its strong points. I enjoyed “Never Have Fun” and “Friends in Quotations”, which were two of the few tracks that stood out from the others. And what I call running together and lack of versatility, one might call continuity.

To me, it sounds like a watered down, one-man acoustic-with-drums version of the Strokes, or a repeat of Pierre de Reeder’s solo album. It is an okay album to lie around to, but it lacks direction. I give it 2/5, and hope it grows on me.a.