The Roots

The Roots
Game Theory, 2006

4 1/2 Tables
Arguably the most influential Collective in hip Hop today, The Roots release their seventh album, and their debut for the most storied label in Hip Hop, Def Jam. Game Theory, is a sonically dark album, ethereal in its sounds, and sonically an album that partners well with the previous release Phrenology.

The sounds of GT take the most technically proficient battle MC of our times, Black Thought, down a road towards the more politically themed. Angry and frenzied, Black shows incredible restraint in his rhyme leaving multiple levels of meaning for listeners to dig through, from his discussion of big brother on “Living in a New World,” to his unhappiness with news outlets on the aptly named “False Media,” Black takes us down a more personal road, showing why he might be the best MC ever.

Game Theory also marks the return of Malik B. Thought’s former partner in rhyme brings forwards street framed thoughts, with a charisma matched only by his style and grace on the mic. A welcome appearance, Malik paints a strange dark picture on the title track that depicts a fascist government.

In the end, GT’s accomplishment is in its ability to capture your thoughts both sonically and lyrically. The Roots have once again made an album that will dominate your personal Rotation, and is most likely the Best Album of the Year.