Ami Saraiya-Archaeologist

Ami Saraiya – Archaeologist


5.0 out of 5.0

Review by Sam Weber

Intriguing, quirky, daring: these are only a few words of many that can describe Ami Saraiyaʼs Archaeologist, an enthralling album featuring Saraiyaʼs interesting vocals and instrumentation.

Through a long series of cycling through genres, Saraiya debuts her solo career with a powerful focus on variety. “Vegas Moon,” the albumʼs first track, serves as an excellent opener, dominated by mostly happy, upbeat rhythms, yet there are curious, almost abrupt transitions to more somber and whimsical moments. This summarizes the excellent contrast of tones in Archaeologist.

The two songs I felt to be the strongest, “Up, Down, and Charmedand “Memphis Train,” are a perfect representation of this dynamic lineup: “Up, Down, and Charmedis peculiar, almost dreamlike at first, and then evolves into a kind of soft, ambient and mysterious sensation. “Memphis Train,” on the other hand, has a really edgy rock beat; also in this song, Saraiya displays just how trained her voice is by belting out some powerful and simply awesome-sounding vocals of a raunchier manner.

No track disappoints, each offering its own beautiful surprise, yet what keeps constant throughout the album is Ami Saraiyaʼs easily observed talent and mastery of both singing and orchestration, arguably in the leagues with other female artists such as Regina Spektor and St. Vincent. I definitely recommend Archaeologist for its originality and certainly soon-to-be classic sound.