A Special Top Ten- Eminem

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Back again to give you a special top ten. Wanted to do this last Sunday, but the powers that be decided to only have the student center open for 6 hours. So not only could I not do my show, I couldn’t post the top ten for March. Oh well it’s time for this month’s artist: Eminem. Possibly the best ever. Between him and Jay-Z in my humble opinion. And here are my ten favorite songs from Slim Shady. All of his albums get love on this list, unlike the Jay-Z top ten. Let me know what you think on facebook or the widb site. Peace.

1. ‘Till I Collapse- The Eminem Show

2. Not Afraid- Recovery

3. Sing For the Moment- The Eminem Show

4. No Love- Recovery

5. I’m Back- The Marshall Mathers LP

6. Cinderella Man- Recovery

7. Evil Deeds- Encore

8. The Kids- The Marshall Mathers LP

9. My Name Is- The Slim Shady LP

10. Crack a Bottle- Relapse

Next Month: Lupe Fiasco