Trip Report #2 – Orlando & First Impressions

We set out from Georgia today to make the rest of the trip. Smooth trip, really, and not a lot to comment on of events. We did notice the swampy-ness of Florida immediately though… those trees with all the moss are just kinda creepy. We also saw a graveyard on the roadside with headstones marked from 1899, and ate some Gator Jerky. We made it to our hotel around 4:20ish, and booked it over to the Convention. (For you see, the Convention hotel was much too expensive for us, so we’re staying a few blocks away at a much cheaper, but still very nice, hotel)

Wow were we in for a sight! The Renaissance at Seaworld is where the National Student Media convention is being held this year, and it is beyond words. We’ll make sure to include some photos tomorrow – we didn’t get many today, since we were running behind. We got to sit in on the tail end of a couple sessions. Lucas sat in on a roundtable of Student Media Advisors, and Eric went to a discussion of using Social Media to promote your radio station. He then drifted over and made some friends at the Native American Student Radio roundtable. Meanwhile, Lucas got a nice little interview for his Research with a college radio advisor.¬†Everybody has been great and friendly so far! This is going to be a lot of fun.

Afterwards, we hit some dinner near the hotel, and went out to a 7-11 to buy some Peanut Butter, Bread, Jelly, and snacks for tomorrow. We ain’t livin the rich life here!

We’ll be a bit quiet today, since we’re so tired. Plus, tomorrow will probably have a MEGA POST.

Have some pictures!