Grandfather Child

by: SEM


I’m going to do a bit of a throwback this week for my review. Last semester we received the self-titled album from Grandfather Child. I am a huge fan of this album and could literally listen to it on repeat for hours. With this album you receive about 40 minutes of playtime where each track is its own creature, which yet, as a collective, are still able to flow together seamlessly. Unlike a lot of records that I have been listening to recently, the Grandfather Child album has stood up because of their content. All of the songs are up beat, and yet tracks don’t focus on a catchy hook or chorus, but instead focus on the band’s musical talents, with a solo in almost every track. Some of their distinct sound comes from the lap steel played by Lucas Gorham, the band’s founder, which adds to the expected mix that is often seen. The differing backgrounds of each of the members of the band allow them to have a unique sound that has been called a combination of country and rhythm and blues. I would love to see Grandfather Child play live, and can’t wait to hear what else they have to offer. Though this album has been out for a while, it still stands as one of my top albums for 2012, and keep coming back to it.


Suggested tracks: “I Would Like To Thank The Universe” &  “…Gonna Have Ourselves…”