WIDB Interview with Johnny Crowder of Dark Sermon


Back in January, whilst aimlessly scrolling through Facebook and YouTube, I came across a music video that caught my attention. The video was for the song “In Tongues”, the title track of the upcoming debut album by melodic death metal band Dark Sermon. Hailing from Tampa, Florida, which is known to most metalheads as “The Death Metal Capital of the World”, Dark Sermon are a relatively new band, having only put out one EP since their formation in 2009 under the name “In Reference to a Sinking Ship”. Moreover, for a group comprised of young musicians – as no member is older than 20 years old – they clearly set themselves apart from the collective crop of today’s new talent. Their music blends the pulse-pounding groove of metalcore with the rapid-fire intensity of Behemoth-styled blackened death metal, resulting in an unconventional amalgam that, upon first listen, made me tilt and scratch my head in pure befuddlement. From that moment, I knew I had to research them further.

I recently spoke with frontman Johnny Crowder about the band’s formation, Tampa’s reputation in metal, their new album and much more. Overall, for someone whose onstage demeanor resembles demonic possession, he’s a very nice and well-spoken person who knows a great deal about extreme music. Keep an eye out for these guys, as they’ll soon be a force to be reckoned with.

The full interview can be heard below!

You can check out the band’s brand new song “Imperfect Contrition” here!


Dark Sermon is currently on tour now through April. You can view their tour dates here!

Their new album In Tongues will be out on March 26th! Pre-order your copy now!Dark-Sermon-In-Tongues


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