Industrial Royale – 9/29/2013

So, as we discussed, I will attempt to make these posts before the show from now on. As I did with this post, they will be named IR – DATE, etc. Perhaps I will include the topic?


Tonight I just wanted to bring up a few groups I recently began listening to or just haven’t spun on the Revolution as of yet. The first being the artist “The Tuesday Night Machines.” I met him on the website,, that I use to distribute my own works. I stumbled upon his work while searching about various pieces of gear and enjoyed it. The song I played tonight for us was “Almost Sunday” from his most recent release on, Jam Sessions EP 3 (attached is a link to his bandcamp site). For reference, and an awesome watch, I’ll link the corresponding Youtube video.

Almost Sunday – The Tuesday Night Machines

I highly suggest hitting up his site and grabbing his EPs.

Next up was SOPOR AETERNUS & The Ensemble of Shadows. I just began listening to this wonderful artist early last week. Tonight I played “Eldorado” from her most recent album (09/2013), Poetica – All Beauty Sleeps (Again, bandcamp link). I won’t bore you too much with my thoughts of praise, instead, I will link the first track I listened to by her in hopes for you to come to your own conclusion. Regardless, I think it is fantastic and I can’t wait to get more for the show.

In der Palästra – SOPOR AETERNUS & The Ensemble of Shadows

I bring the two of these up together, because of their bandcamp use and relatively new appearance to Industrial Royale. I wish a had more to bring to this discussion at the moment, but I am rather sleepy since I am posting this after the show instead of flopping onto my bed. I will catch you next Sunday at 8 pm! The vinyl is ready for RoVT too!