Industrial Royale is Back for the Semester

Hey all, Industrial Royale went back on air last Sunday at 8 pm (Central) and is going to be swinging some new tunes tonight on the Revolution! Planning on staying on all semester, Industrial Royale has updated some info on the IR Facebook¬†page in addition to working on blogging for the WIDB website. Hoping to updated the blog during the show regularly, but for now, we’ve got a post before hand to include the new images.

Here’s a few!



Though they have existed in past renditions of the show, Mikey’s got two segments for this semester: “Return of Vinyl Tap” and “A Look Inside.” The prior (RoVT) is a three track vinyl set, featuring Vinyl Tap’s old buddy, Lightning and the quirks enveloping the awesome morning variety show. RoVT was featured the first week of the semester¬†(9/22/2013), this week however is the latter segment, “A Look Inside.” ALI is a segment of similar length focusing on Mikey’s productions of the past, present, or future. Since he is in the beginnings of a third Kalm Kaoss album, tonight, we can expect to hear some about that and perhaps a track or two that is in progress.

Here is an album art sneak-peak!


As mentioned, or assumed, RoVT and ALI are exchanged each week. The segment(s) air at the middle of the show (9 pm).

That is all for now, we’ll see you at the show!