Industrial Royale – 10/20/2013

Tonight on Industrial Royale, we’ve got the segment, “A Look Inside,” where I play and discuss some of my recent projects, recordings, etc. That is what I plan to focus on in this post.

First off, tonight, I have two tracks from the current album project I am near completing, Kalm Kaoss III. The first track during the segment is track five, “Transition Tie.” This track takes place after a “set” within the album that ended up being rather different from my initial and following tracks. Being a fan of smooth transitions and flow within a project series or album, I originally decided to create a track that blended the two “styles” that I have developed with my Kaossilator 2. For reference to the prior “style” that had been used and developed through the Kalm Kaoss EP and Kalm Kaoss II, I have linked the Bandcamps for each album and their previews on SoundCloud.

Kalm Kaoss EP – Preview

Kalm Kaoss II – Preview

You will be able to hear the track “Transitional Tie” at approximately 9 pm CST.

Next will be the seventh track on the current project, “Humming Sea.” This track was only recorded and mixed this past week. One morning, I simply sat down and just built up a nice beat, nothing too extraordinary, but chaotically chill or perhaps calm? Get it? Me neither. The track totals a length of seven minutes and twenty-seven seconds. After initial composing the piece, I had a good chuckle at the unintended length, but decided against any revising. This was because I felt listening to a relatively relaxed track for a great period of time was something I should strive to do and provide more of. “Humming Sea” features plenty of sounds of the Kaossilator 2 that I had previously unexplored until the track, “Binary,” that I featured on the last version of this segment. This, combined with a flow from returning to my previous album’s themes, brought a more evolved look at my own production. I hope to expand this with my other tools for the next track I plan to produce.

The best part about working with such minimal tools is the experimentation.

As a final note for the segment, I hope to play “You’re Out of the Computer” by Bingo Gazingo and My Robot Friend.

Hear more tonight during the show!