Industrial Royale – 10/6/2013

Tonight we’ve got a pretty killer line-up. Opening with DYM’s “Bender” and following up with a set that includes a few new things in the show library! Professor Grim’s “She Speaks to Spiders” and Force.Is.Machine’s “Resurrection.” Both of these are from the good guys over at Beyond Therapy Records. Just like last week, I retrieved these albums from Professor Grim’s album was specifically linked to the Industrial Royale facebook page earlier today as well.



Moving on! Tonight, as you may know, is time for another “Return of Vinyl Tap!” I’m planning on extending this segment out a bit, since I found some sweet records I wanted to play, but too many for a single set. I’m sure Lightning will be in tonight as well. Perhaps even on time?

In a little bit of other news, looking back a few weeks, I shared the album art for Kalm Kaoss III and tonight I will again, because I changed it!

The only problem is that the file I brought is too huge, so you’ll have to wait till after the show! Haha!