Mental Devastation – Red Skies


Review Written By: Jerrod Hegwood

Metal Devastation

Mental Devastation (Chile) – Red Skies

Genre: Thrash Metal

Released in July, 2013 by Metal Ways Productions

Mental Devastation is a young foursome from South America, and much like other thrash bands from that region, they set a blistering pace and tempo and love to use riot vocals on their full length debut. Fun and energetic these youthful thrashers are balls out, even if not innovative.

RIYL: Violator, Sepultura, Bywar, Warbringer, Exodus, Nuclear Assault, Fueled by Fire

Recommended Tracks:

2. Red Skies

3. Cluster Bombs

4. Twisted Fate

7. Denied Illusions

10. The Rise of Deception

11. Unconscious Violence