New on the Metal Stream: Alfar – Across the Northern Storms

Origin: BelarusCover

Genre: Melodic Death Metal, Viking Metal

Released: March 11th, 2014

Alfar is the one man project of Dmitry Pinchuk (Wartha) and it is a very catchy project that he has here. There is a lot of influence from many bands and styles. There are the Amon Amarth-esque guitar riffs, the bombastic symphonics akin to Turisas, the epic atmosphere of Summoning, and the catchy melody of Forefather all combine to make a pretty unique recipe of fun melodic-viking-death metal.

RIYL: Moonsorrow, Amon Amarth, Summoning, Forefather, Turisas

Recommended Tracks:

2. Last Morning

3. White Horror

4. Dark Prophecy


Alfar is:

Dmitry Pinchuk – All vocals, All instruments