NFL Picks Week 3

By Jeremy Sneed & Xavier Cantrell

Sunday September 27

12:00 Bengals (2-0) @ Ravens (0-2)

Xavier: Without defensive leader Terrell Suggs, the Ravens defense has been struggling mightily.  I think the Bengals offense will expose their weaknesses and win the game 24-10.

Jeremy: With the pressure of falling to 0-3, I think the Ravens offense will support their struggling defense and pull out their first win, 26-21.

12:00 Raiders (1-1) @ Browns (1-1)

Jeremy & Xavier: With Josh McCown returning to the starting spot for the Browns, we think that the Cleveland fans will be all over the staff cheering for Johnny Football.  Youngsters Derek Carr and Amari Cooper are coming off a really strong performance against the Ravens.  Final score: 31-21 Raiders!

12:00 Saints (0-2) @ Panthers (2-0)

Xavier & Jeremy: After a rough first week for Cam Newton, he really showed us the real Cam in his win against the Texans.  We believe Cam will be his regular superstar self at home against a struggling Saints Defense.  Also, with Brees coming off of a minor shoulder injury, the Saints offense will be a little rusty.  Final score: 28-14 Panthers!!

12:00 Buccaneers (1-1) @ Texans (0-2)

Jeremy & Xavier:  With the QB carousel going in Houston, the Buccaneers defense will benefit off of the inconsistent Texans offense.  Winston had a bounce back performance in week 2 against the Saints and we think he will dominant the Texans defense this week.  Final score: 21-6 Bucs!

12:00 Falcons (2-0) @ Cowboys (2-0)

Jeremy & Xavier: Pretty simple, without Romo and still no Dez Bryant, Falcons win this one 24-14.

12:00 Colts (0-2) @ Titans (1-1)

Xavier: I am confident in my hometown town and that Andrew Luck will give the Colts their first and much needed win. Colts: 20-17

Jeremy: This will be Marcus Mariota’s first home start with the Titans.  I think the energy in that stadium will be too much for the struggling Colts defense.  Mariota throws 3 more TD’s and the Titans win 21-14.

12:00 Jaguars (1-1) & Patriots (2-0)

Xavier & Jeremy: The Jaguars team is too inconsistent for the high powered New England offense.  Brady and Gronk roll over the Jaguar defense and win this one 42-6.  Sorry Jacksonville.

12:00 Chargers (1-1) & Vikings (1-1)

Jeremy & Xavier:  Bridgewater, Peterson and Rudolph made their presence known against divisional rival Detroit last week.  Despite a strong Chargers offense, we think the Vikings defense will withstand the Chargers fire power and win this game 28-21.

12:00 Steelers (1-1) & Rams (1-1)

Xavier:  Big Ben and Antonio Brown will be too much for the Rams defense connecting for two touchdowns.  Despite the return of Todd Gurley for the Rams offense, Pittsburgh wins this one easily, 27-10.

Jeremy:  The Rams have been inconsistent this season opening with an upset against the Seahawks and then losing to the Redskins in week 2.  With Todd Gurley making his first career appearance, I think the Rams will run all over the Steelers defense with a couple more TD’s from Foles.  The rams win this one 28-15.

12:00 Eagles (0-2) & Jets (2-0)

Jeremy & Xavier:  With DeMarco Murray’s recent hamstring injury, the already sluggish Eagles offense will be impacted greatly by that injury.  After a great Monday night performance from the Jets, We think the Jets will carry this momentum into week 3 and win this one easily 20-9.

3:05 49ers (1-1) & Cardinals (2-0)

Jeremy:  In the upset of the week, I think Kaepernick will have another good game and start connecting with Anquan Bolding and Vernon Davis and pull out a hard fought win, 20-17.

Xavier:  After two dominating performances against the Saints and Bears, I think the Cardinals offense will keep on rolling against the 49ers.  I think they will easily win 38-27.

3:25 Bills (1-1) & Dolphins (1-1)

Xavier:  Going into week 3, Tyrod Taylor does not look like a QB who has just played his first two NFL games.  I think Taylor will have another solid performance and the Bills tough defense will shut down Tannehill and the Dolphins.  Final score: 24-17

Jeremy:  This is the home opener for the Dolphins and newcomer Ndamukong Suh.  I think Tannehill and Suh will dominant both sides of the ball and win this game 21-13.

3:25 Bears (0-2) & Seahawks (0-2)

Jeremy & Xavier:  Despite a 0-2 start from the reigning NFC champs, Cutler’s out and the Bears have too many banged up receivers.  Seahawks get their first win with a 24-7 win at home.

7:30 Broncos (2-0) & Lions (0-2)

Xavier:  The Broncos offense will be way too strong for the Lions, even on the road.  CJ Anderson breaks through and rushes for a couple TD’s as the Broncos win this one 35-21.

Jeremy:  This is the home opener for the Lions and I think they pull off the upset victory on Sunday Night Football.  I think the Lions defensive lineman force Manning into 3 interceptions and the Lions win this game 20-10.

Monday Night Football

7:30 Chiefs (1-1) & Packers (2-0)

Xavier & Jeremy:  With Jordy Nelson out for the season, Rodgers and the Packers have looked past it with two dominating wins over the Bears and the Seahawks.  We think this week will be no different and with a banged up Eddie Lacy look for James Starks to take charge at running back.  We think the Pack win this game easily 42-10.