Bears trade Jared Allen and Jon Bostic

By Peter Bobrinskoy

Yesterday Chicago Bears General Manager, Ryan Race made some big decisions in trading defensive end, Jared Allen and linebacker Jonathen Bostic. These were great decisions.

For too many years the Bears have put way too much effort into free agency and not enough into the NFL Draft. Phil Emery, the former General Manager of the Bears who was fired after last season, was the king of over paying free agents and trying to buy success. Although he said it in his introductory press conference, he never made the Bears a draft-driven team. By being active in free agency, he cost his team compensation draft picks and would continuously trade up in the draft costing the Bears even more precious picks. He tried to win in free agency and it cost the Bears drastically.

Jared Allen is a perfect example of why Phil Emery was awful. Before the 2014 season, Phil Emery signed Jared Allen to a four year $32 million contract and it was a disaster. Allen did not live up to that huge contract and ended last season with five sacks. Ryan Pace wanted to cut Allen prior to this season but couldn’t because of all the guaranteed money Phil Emery put in Allen’s Contract. So Pace did the next best thing, he ate the $11 million off the signing bonus Allen received and traded him to the Carolina Panthers for a sixth round pick. Now sixth round picks aren’t the sexiest thing in the world but it’s a step in the right direction for a team that needs to start focusing on the draft.

Later that day Ryan Pace cleaned house even more when he traded former 2012 second round pick, Jonathen Bostic to the Patriots for another 6th Round Pick. Bostic, another Phil Emery project, did not live up to expectations of replacing future Hall of Fame linebacker Brian Urlacher and instead had a two-year career with the Bears filled with inconsticency and injuries.

In conclusion it’s up to Ryan Pace to rebuild the Bears. Early signs are not looking good with Pace making similar mistakes to Emery of overpaying free agents, (i.e. Pernell McPhee and Antrell Rolle) but replacing Allen and Bostic is a step in the right direction.