The Color Before the Sun

By Trevor Leavell

As their eighth effort, Coheed and Cambria produce their first album that doesn’t follow lead man Claudio Sanchez’s sci-fi narrative that has been present throughout their past seven albums. With this deviation from their concept, Color Before The Sun’s sound also deviates from the Coheed and Cambria sound that their fans are used to; however, Coheed and Cambria is able to use their different sound without intimidating their diehard fans. In fact, this album is more comforting than even their best albums. Once that riff from “Island” starts playing, you’ll have that feeling to stick around for the rest of the album, and surly you’ll have a great time. This album also has varying tones. “Ghost” and “Colors” carry a sense of somberness, while other tracks like “Here to Mars” and “Atlas” carry a much more sentimental tone. There are a couple songs that I’m sure diehard fans, like myself, will absolutely love and those are “The Audience” and “You’ve Got Spirit, Kid”. These two songs carry the sound that Coheed is known for. “You’ve Got Spirit, Kid” has the spunkiness that’s been present in previous albums such as No World for Tomorrow and Afterman: Ascension, while “The Audience” has the hateful tone that was present in Year of the Black Rainbow, Good Apollo Vol. 1, and has the funkiness in “The Hard Sell” from Afterman: Desension. The closing song “Peace to the Mountain” is probably their best closing song since “The Light and the Glass” from In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3.  I feel like diehard fans of Coheed and Cambria will use this album as a gateway for people that are unfamiliar with the band. Not by any chance it is their best, but it is definitely not their worst.