The death of country music

By Big Jake Linder

Country music is dying. Simple as that, Folks. Unfortunately gone are the days of Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, George Jones, and all the classic real country singers. “Bro-Country” has taken over the mainstream. It is sad really, seeing hip hop beats enter a track that is based on God, drinkin’ beer, and lovin’ your family. I am a huge hip hop fan, do not get me wrong. But, sometimes things just do not need to mesh as one. When they first started doing it, sometimes it sounded okay. Not because of the lyrics or what the song was about, oh no heaven forbid, the beat was good and it had a catchy hook. Which is sort of funny since that is how most hip-hop and rap is now. That is for another blog on another day.

I grew up listening to classic country. The stories and the heartbreak is what drew me to it. It was real. Country now has turned into something that it should have never experimented with at all. I understand they are trying to stay mainstream and in the public eye but sometimes it is better to never crossover. Metal and rock-n-rollers have their many stories of “sell-outs” and I think Country is going down that path. Country is ‘wussy-fied’ and needs to reevaluate their direction. The day we decided to associate Taylor Swift as “Country”, we lost all hope for that genre every being what it used to be.

Are their people in that business that I enjoy listening to? Absolutely. Justin Moore stays with the roots for the most part. Eric Church is a down-home, good ole boy who approaches the music the right way. Whitey Morgan is about as old-school as they get as well. I understand this genre is definitely not the most popular with people. I understand, I love all music and listen to anything and everything. The biggest issue in music on my mind right now is the death of this genre. You may not like this music or listen to it often, but if your favorite genre started doing the things that Country is doing, you would be very upset too. Most people would know that Country music was at its best when it told stories and helped people get through heartbreaks. You have to understand that Country music, when it is done the right way, is the closest thing to the Blues as you are ever going to get. Like a lot of things in this country, we need to go back to the old school ways of doing it and Country music is no different. As the great Alan Jackson put it in a duet with George Strait; “Murder was committed, down on Music Row”.