The king retains his crown

By Big Jake Linder

The King of Country Music does it again with his new album, “Cold Beer Conversation”. George Strait, at age 63 years old, puts out a solid 13-track Country album that out does anything on the charts today. Strait has held onto those classic country roots of story-telling backed up with a steel guitar over a 35+ year career in the business. The reigning Country Music Entertainer of the Year award winner of the past two years, just did what most of the “big names” in business today could never do, he wrote music and put it out there to be judged.

I could go through this whole rant again about the death of real Country Music and how the storytellers and real sound is gone. I already did that once before. I would rather focus on this old man just putting out new music without skipping a beat. George Strait’s new album tells the story of Texas. This album illustrates his life in the beautiful state of freedom as well as, in classic George fashion, tells the tale of romance. Once could argue that the man never changed a thing in this album compared to all his others, and that is fair. UMM Hello, THERE’S TROPICAL STEEL DRUMS ON THIS THING! But, I digress, if it ain’t broke, why fix it? This is definitely vintage George and authentic as hell. If you want a taste of classic country the way it should be done, I highly recommend this Texas Country album, with no chaser.