Jackrabbit, By San Fermin

By Quinn Murphy

Are you tired of the normal conventional rock and roll or hip hop that the music industry has to offer?  If your answer is yes, then look up a chamber pop band started by Brooklyn-based composer Ellis Ludwig-Leone.  Their second full album, Jackrabbit, was released in April 2015, to wide critical acclaim.  This album has a wide variety of song styles, from Alternative Rock, to instrumental interludes in between songs, and some slower songs near the end of the album.  This is definitely an album to listen to all the way through to get the full feel of the bands range, since it has interludes between songs that help as transition between the different styles of music.  Some of the stand out tracks of this album are Woman in Red, Emily, Philosopher, and Jackrabbit.  

Each song has a different feel to them, but all of them will have you pressing the repeat button when you are done listening to them.  Having listened to the bands first album, San Fermin, it is clear that the band has been able to build off of what worked for the album, as well as fix everything that didn’t.  It is also clear that composer and piano player for the band Ellis Ludwig-Leone, is a musical and lyrical genius of this age.  The band recently released a Deluxe edition of this album, which includes two new songs, Jackrabbit (Ra Ra Remix), as well as No Devil.  No Devil is another enthralling work of art, that has had me pressing the repeat button for that song over and over and over again.  

This band is starting to raise to popularity, and its not difficult to see why.  They have a new style that is appealing to the new age of music that is beginning to take form in front of our eyes right now.  Now this is not a perfect album, it does have one or two songs that aren’t as enjoyable as most of the other ones.  But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a near perfect album, and with it being only their second album, there is no way of telling what the band will crank out next.  

Jackrabbit gets 4.5 out 5 stars.