Formation of Social Justice

By: Michael Smith

Feb. 6th Beyonce Knowles did it again. Dropped a surprise single and video entitled “Formation” and it proceeded to do nothing less than shut down the internet. In the hours that followed, analyst began to bre
ak down the controversial imagery produced by the queen of the “BeyHive”. From Beyonce atop a police car in the middle of flooded New Orleans, Beyonce sitting beside other w
omen of color while in formal 1800’s attire, the little boy dancing in front of police officers in riot gear, to the spray painted wall that reads. “Stop Shooting Us”, Beyonce’s “Formation” quickly named the anthem of the Black Lives Matter movement. Fast Forward 24 hours to Super Bowl 50. Headlining the halftime show is Cold Play, featuring Beyonce and Bruno Mars. The world wants to know what is Bey going to perform. The answer is: The song she released 24 hours ago. She sang formation accompanied by 50 black back up dancers with afros, leather jackets and black
berets in recognition of the 50
th anniversary of the founding of The Black Panther Party. After an amazing half time show from all parties, Bey announced another world tour. But this tour is contributing to the ongoing water crisis in Flint Michigan, and her just as successful husband Jay-Z is donating 1.5 million from his music streaming service Tidal to Black Lives Matter. The next week that followed, the queen received a lot of p
raise and much more grief, but she still reminded us that she likes her baby hair with baby hair and (6)