Baylor Falls and Yale Rises

By Patrick Codo

The 12th seeded Yale Bulldogs took on the 5th seeded Baylor Bears. The Bears were trying not to repeat history by getting eliminated in the first round like they did last year to Georgia State when R.J. Hunter hit the game winning shot to send Baylor home early. This year the Bears did go home early but it wasn’t by a buzzer beater. It was by a Yale Bulldog’s team that hasn’t made the tournament since 1962. The Yale Bulldogs were crowned Ivy League champions.  This win for the Bulldogs was their first in the N.C.A.A. tournament. It was huge for the Bulldog’s as Yale Sophomore Guard Makai Mason stated “I thought we played really well together throughout the game you know we had some reserves coming to the game, hit some really huge shots, Trey Phills, and Blake Reynolds, as well as Sam Downey played really well, so just trusting each other throughout really helped us get it done today”. Therefore Mason had a huge game today by scoring 31 points, having 6 rebounds and 4 assists. He was 9 for 18 for field goals and 11 for 11 at the free throw line. His point average is 15.8 points a game but today was a big one for the Sophomore 6’1 Guard. For the Baylor Bears their leading scorer was Taurean Prince who had 28 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 assists. Some people put Baylor to beat Yale and think Baylor was going to blow them out right? Wrong, these two teams went neck and neck throughout the game. The Bulldogs went into half time with a 39-34 lead. Then Yale steps on the gas pedal and builds up to a 13 point lead. Although Baylor wouldn’t go down without a fight, they were able to cut the scoring to 77-75. There was 10 seconds left when Baylor tried to tie the game but Senior Guard number 11 Lester Medford tried to be the hero but had himself a late costly turnover. Yale iced the game at the line with two key free throws to make the final score 79-75. The Bears were out rebounded by the Bulldog’s. Taurena Prince had a good reason why that happened. Prince said, “You go up and grad the ball off the rim when it comes off, and then you grab it with two hands, and you come down with it, and that’s considered a rebound. So they got more of those than we did”. Well that is exactly what you are suppose too do in Basketball, rebound the ball when it is there. When it comes to playoffs in any sports there are no bad teams, and the teams with the higher seed tend to think they are going to blowout their opponents. Baylor thought Yale would be an easy opponent, well they were wrong. The Bulldogs will take on the Duke Blue Devils in the 2nd round who beat U.N.C. Wilmington 93-85 in their first round matchup.