Kenny Williams needs to resign

by: Peter Bobrinskoy

The Chicago White Sox have become a laughingstock the past few days. It started four days ago when Kenny Williams told designated hitter, Adam LaRoche that he needed to scale back the amount of time his son, Drake could be in the team’s clubhouse. This occurred after last year when Drake was in the clubhouse every game including spring training. Drake is homeschooled and spends a lot of time with his father Adam. When Adam LaRoche signed a contract with the White Sox last year, he stated that he would only play for the White Sox if it meant his son could be with the team all season. President of baseball operations, Kenny Williams agreed.

Then four days ago happened and all hell broke lose. The White Sox had a team meeting and it was reported that ace pitcher Chris Sale went off on White Sox President Kenny Williams. Stating that he lied to the team about people having a problem with Drake being in the clubhouse. Kenny Williams first said that some of the players complained about it, then he said it was a coach, and then he said it was someone in management. The fact is that after it was reported that Laroche retired after being told he couldn’t have his son in the clubhouse, many of his former teammates and current teammates came out and said that Drake was never a problem or a distraction in the clubhouse.

This is just an avalanche problem for Kenny Williams. He screwed up big with with how he handled this situation. There’s also another reason why Kenny Williams needs to go. He is a terrible president. Yes he was the General Manager when the White Sox won the 2005 World Series but the White Sox have been awful since. The team has been to the playoffs once since then. His lack of concentration on amateur scouting, player development, and their minor league system has lead the White Sox to complete irrelevance the last four years. From 2006 to 2013 Kenny Williams’ teams have tried to buy success by over paying free agents and throwing away assets for short term help. He has been awful. Since 2013, his teams have a combined record of 212-274. He failed to rebuild the team after losing 99 games in 2013 and the White Sox have been a joke. The crosstown Cubs had been just as bad in that three year span however during that time, they built one of the best farm systems in  baseball and are now in a place where they will be contending for the next 10-15 years. Kenny Williams has been given such a long leash and it has made no sense. Last year after the White Sox went on an offseason spending spree bringing in Jeff Smardzija, Mellky Cabrera, Adam LaRoche, and Zach Duke, the White Sox went on to win 76 games and after the season the team did not fire manager Robin Ventura who should have been let go two years ago. Kenny Williams is very bad at running a baseball team.

The combination of this Adam La Roche situation and the poor play of the White Sox over the last ten years should mean Kenny Williams needs to leave. The star and face of the franchise, Chris Sale has spoken and is fed up with Kenny Williams. Owner Jerry Reinsdorf needs to man up and fire this awful president. What some people think might be Reinsdorf’s biggest strength, his loyalty, is actually what is his biggest weakness. Reinsdorf needs to hold people accountable and needs a fresh start with the White Sox management. We have seen bad enough baseball for too long and a change is needed.