Baseball Predictions NL West

By: Max Zuiker

Having tied the Cardinals for the best home record in baseball the Dodgers, went on to win 92 games in 2015. With CY Young award winner Zack Grienke heading to the Diamondbacks how much will this hamper the Dodgers chances of and NL West crown?


Will the accusations of Zack Grienke and Shelby Miller to their starting rotation and adding veteran reliever Tyler Clippard to their bullpen, I believe that this team is destine to earn the NL West title. Arizona scored the second most runs in the NL last year, and were a very gifted team in the field. It was their pitching that has crippled this team until the made the big boy moves during the offseason.


I like the Giants to make the playoffs as the first or second wild card team in 2016. Last year they won 84 games and should be able to improve on that in 2016. San Fran is looking solid offensively heading in to the season and there defense should play at a premium level after only surrendering 78 errors the third fewest in the NL. My biggest concern for the Giants in 2016 will be their starting 5. I like Mad Bum and Johnny Cueto as a one two punch. However, I am concerned with the health of Jake Peavey and Matt Cain. Signing the American League’s least valuable pitcher in Jeff Samardjzia to a five year 90 million dollar contract, is that really going to hold up? Overall this should be a team that if they stay healthy then they should compete in 2016.

LA DODGERS: (81-81)

This is easy with all of the injuries to the team and the loss of perennial CY Young award winner Zack Grienke, I believe the Dodgers will float around .500 for the season. With Brandon McCarthy, Brett Andersen and Hyun-Jin Ryu being out for the majority of the year, I believe that will be enough for them to not shoot for the NL West title. Joc Pederson is the guy who I am most intrigued by for the Dodgers heading in to the season, because I believe he will only improve on the rookie campaign he posted in 2015.


After being big time rollers last offseason everyone thought the Padres would compete against there other two rival in state teams for the division title. That was not the case for the friars last season as they compiled a 74-88 record. I don’t think much is going to improve for San Diego as they still lack a solid offence and their bullpen seems to be unset. If they can get Andrew Cashner, James Shields and Tyson Ross going on all four cylinders then maybe they will make a late push in 2016.


It’s the same story for the Rockies each season. They put up plenty of runs, in fact they lead in in that department last year for the NL. It’s just their pitching is God awful to say the least. In fact they were the only team to have an ERA over 5.00 (5.04). Until they can acquire solid pitching all around this team won’t be going anywhere for a while.