Blurryface, By Twenty One Pilots


By: Quinn Murphy

Looking for the newest alternative rock band to hit the music business, then type Twenty One Pilots in your google search bar now!  Their most recent album, “Blurryface”, which came out in the earlier half of 2015, is a stunning example of what this band has to offer with their musical talents, and is a great way to introduce anybody to the world of Alternative rock in the modern era.  Band members, Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dunn, are able to inject a sort of happy sound to all of their songs, but have a somewhat more sad, or menacing lyrical structure to their songs, which is one of the many appeals the band has to their name.  They are able to blend popular sounding music, but also put their own spin on it so they are able to do what they want, and it is obvious.  Within the lyrics they comment on what they are doing with their songs, and how they want to do more original things with their music, but they aren’t quite able to do all that yet.  There are also a lot of autobiographical elements to their music, especially lyricist and lead singer Tyler Joseph.  His lyrics talk about topics ranging from his youth, insecurity, depression, and his job as a singer, which is apparent a lot in the bridge of the song “Stressed Out”.  Another great aspect with the band’s sound is their drummer, Joshua Dunn’s abilities.  He has tons of talent as a drummer, and injects a lot of fun into the songs with his perfect sound, and variety of beats he has at his disposal, especially in this album.  Joseph has a large array of various instruments he is playing in this album, from ukulele, piano, synths, bass, and various others, which all add different feelings to their various tracks.  The band’s ability of being self aware of their fan base, and the fact they aren’t quite huge, but are starting to become a bigger deal, is very apparent, since they claim in their song “Fairly Local”, “this song will never be on the radio”.  It’s interesting to hear a band claiming how their songs will not be on the radio, but it is interesting in the best of ways, since they aren’t taking themselves too seriously, so they can still have a great time playing music they like.  

Some stand out track on this amazing album are, “Stressed Out”, “We Don’t Believe What’s On TV”, “Tear In My Heart”, and “The Judge”, as well as many others.  So if you haven’t searched their new album already do so now, on whatever streaming platform you have at your disposal.  You will not be disappointed.