Everybody’s A Good Dog, By Diane Coffee


By: Quinn Murphy

In Diane Coffee’s Sophomore album, Everybody’s A Good Dog, the band lets loose, and delivers a fun, funky, and bluesy sound which is sure to make anybody happy as they listen to it.  The follow up to Diane Coffee’s 2013 release “My Friend Fish” where the band arguably had a more constrained sound, and were a little more intimate and personal, as compared to the newer album.  Front man Shaun Fleming (drummer for the band Foxygen) lets loose as his alter ego Diane Coffee, and delivers soulful lyrics, and is clearly having blast while he is doing it.  He has described the new album’s sound as “Glam Motown”, and I can’t find any better way to describe it than that.  

The album as a whole is a great accomplishment, going through different tempos, song types, and throughout Shawn’s musical abilities, mainly his singing, are let loose, and the most amazing of ways.  He is able to hit everything from low, more talky songs, to crazy high belting notes with his large ballads.  An artist that comes to mind as a comparison, would be an early career David Bowie, specifically because of the theatrics that go into his performance, and his individuality.  Luckily just about every song on the album is great not only as an altogether piece, but also by themselves.  Some personal favorites that come to mind are “Soon to Be, Won’t to Be”, “Spring Breathes”, “Mayflower”, and “Not That Easy”.  

For anyone that is trying to find a new band that is a fun time to listen to, and has a diverse catalog of music, and a unique sound, look no further than Diane Coffee.  Soon enough they will get even bigger, and become a more well known band.