Something More Than Free, By Jason Isbell


By: Quinn Murphy

Jason Isbell, a recent 2 time grammy Winner, has been slowly climbing his way up the music business ladder, by releasing amazing work, and finally he has started getting the recognition that he has always deserved, thanks to his most recent master work, “Something More Than Free” released in the middle of 2015.  Jason Isbell is an Americana folk singer that has been around the music industry for a long time, mainly as a member of the Drive By Truckers from 2001-2007, until he quit for personal reasons, as well as to establish himself as a solo artist.  He has released four other solo albums, but he had only started to become more well known to his 2013 effort, Southeastern, which also received critical acclaim.  The album is chock full of great songs, not including the grammy award winning song “24 Frames”, for best American Roots song.  Some of the other stand out tracks include “The Life You Chose”, “Hudson Commodore”, “If It Takes a Lifetime”, and the title track “Something More Than Free”.  The album has an upbeat feeling to it in its sound as well as the lyrics.  Isbell talks about his new fatherhood, and the fact that he has started gaining positive momentum in the music industry.  There are songs on here for all fans of Rock, Folk, and some country sounding music.  Songs like “Life You Chose”, and  “24 Frames” definitely have a more rock tone to it.  Whereas “If It Takes a Lifetime”, “Flagship”, and “Children Of Children” have a more bluesy, Folk sound to it which provides a nice complimentary sound to the more Rock, or country songs on the album, giving it a wider, and more universal appeal.  

Jason Isbell has been slowly gaining momentum in the music industry, and this album is the one that will catapult him even higher than he could have ever imagined, and I thank him for making such a great, and personal album for his listeners, who have all stuck with him throughout his ups and downs in his long career.