Jeremy Sneed’s Week 2 NFL Picks

by Jeremy Sneed

Thursday Night Football 7:25 Jets (0-1) @ Bills (0-1)

-The Bills offense performed very poorly against the Ravens in week 1.  The Jets offense looked pretty good, but just got out performed by AJ Green and the Bengals in week 1.  I think the Jets will bounce back and be victorious against the Ryan brothers and the Buffalo Bills.

Final Score: 32-27

Sunday Noon Games

Bengals (1-0) @ Steelers (1-0)

-Besides the Saints-Giants game, I think this will be the second most entertaining game because of defense.  The Saints-Giants game will be offensively driven, while Bengals-Steelers will be low scoring and defensively driven.  In this hard fought matchup, I think the Bengals pull off the upset on the road.

Final Score: 17-16

Titans (0-1) @ Lions (1-0)

-The Lions were able to defeat the Colts in week 1 thanks to a game-winning field goal from Matt Prater.  I predict that the Lions will have an easier time in winning this week against the Titans.

Final Score: 37-23

Ravens (1-0) @ Browns (0-1)

-Now that RG3 has been placed on IR, I think the Browns have less of a chance of being competitive this season.  So, I think the Ravens will improve to 2-0 in what should be a pretty easy victory this week.

Final Score: 25-13

Cowboys (0-1) @ Redskins (0-1)

-The Cowboys are coming off a game that they should have won.  All Terrance Williams had to go was get out of bounds and Dan Bailey would have won the game.  The Redskins, on the other hand, got torn apart by Antonio Brown and Big Ben.  I think the Redskins will bounce back successfully with a key divisional matchup home win.

Final Score: 36-26

Saints (0-1) @ Giants (1-0)

-Let’s go back to last season: Saints 52 Giants 49.  Drew Brees threw for 505 yards and 7 touchdowns while Eli Manning threw 6 touchdowns of his own.  This year should be now different and I think the emergence if Willie Snead will solidify another victory for the Saints over the Giants.

Final Score:     55-48

49ers (1-0) @ Panthers (0-1)

-The 49ers were lucky in week one to face the LA Rams at home.  They were able to shutout the Rams 28-0, but didn’t look very impressive in doing so.  I think the Panthers will bounce back from a tough week 1 loss to an easy home win against the Niners.

Final Score: 48-14

Dolphins (0-1) @ Patriots (1-0)

-This is another game that I think will be a blow out.  While the Dolphins did contend throughout their week 1 matchup against Seattle, it will be a different story in week 2.  I think Garoppolo and Gronk will own the Dolphins defense in a blowout victory at home.

Final Score: 52-20

Chiefs (1-0) @ Texans (1-0)

-While the Chiefs looked horrible through the first half against the Chargers, they were able to come back from a 27-9 deficit to win.  The Texans also came back from a half-time deficit to defeat the Bears.  JJ Watt wasn’t much of a factor in week 1, but I think he will make an impact in week 2.  With his impact, I think the Texans pull out a huge home victory against the Chiefs.

Final Score: 23-19

Sunday Afternoon Games

3:05 Seahawks (1-0) @ Rams (0-1)

-This game will not be close as the Seahawks will dominate the Rams.  It is simple as that.  Final Score: 49-7.

3:05 Buccaneers (1-0) @ Cardinals (0-1)

-The Cardinals suffered a tough loss last Sunday night because that was a game they should have won.  A bad snap lead to a missed game-winning field goal from Chandler Catanzaro.  I do believe in the Cardinals this week at home against the Buccaneers.  However, I do think the Buccaneers will contend for most of this game.  The main difference will be the Cardinals defense being clutch down the stretch.

Final Score:     30-22

3:25 Jaguars (0-1) @ Chargers (0-1)

-In the battle of two of the worst teams of the last decade, this is a hard one to predict.  The Jaguars nearly defeated the Green Bay Packers in week 1.  On the other hand, the Chargers blew a 27-9 lead in Kansas City!  With that being said, I think the Jaguars will be victorious in this game because their loss was less traumatic because they didn’t blow the game.

Final Score: 27-16

3:25 Falcons (0-1) @ Raiders (1-0)

-The Raiders offense proved they could put up big numbers by scoring 35 points in week 1.  I think this week is no different as this game should be very entertaining.  I am confident that the Raiders offense can outshine Matt Ryan and their dangerous offense.  The Raiders will be victorious and improve to 2-0.

Final Score: 38-31

3:25 Colts (0-1) @ Broncos (1-0)

-The Colts were one of many teams that suffered heart-breaking losses in week 1.  The Broncos were not one of those teams as they made quick work in defeating the Panthers.  The Broncos is insanely good right now and I think that Andrew Luck and the Colts offense struggle mightily in this game and the Broncos get an easy victory to improve to 2-0.

Final Score: 45-14

Sunday Night Football 7:25 Packers (1-0) @ Vikings (1-0)

-The Vikings defense saved the game last week against the Titans forcing two turnovers for touchdowns.  The Packers though got lucky as well, for if it wasn’t for a dropped touchdown by Allen Robinson, the Packers would be 0-1.  The Packers dominate inside their own division and I think this game will be no different as the Packers roll over the Vikings.

Final Score:42-20

Monday Night Football 7:30 Eagles (1-0) @ Bears (0-1)

-Rookie QB Carson Wentz looked pretty damn good in the opening week against the Cleveland Browns.  Meanwhile, the Bears defense didn’t look very good at all against Houston.  In what I think will be a very entertaining game, Carson Wentz gets the job done again.  If the Bears defense can make Brock Osweiler look good, then Wentz should look like a Hall-of-Famer.

Final Score: 31-27