Finish strong in the fall

By Patrick Codo

The Southern Illinois Saluki softball team has finished its fall play season with a win over St. Louis 5-1 which puts them at a 7-1 finish on the fall season.

Brianna Jones and Maddie Baalman both went at it as both defenses were in a battle throughout the game. The Salukis were able to get their first 2 runs by Brittany Turners scoring on a dead ball and there was a controversy ball 4 call that brought in Savanna Fisher.

In the 4th inning Mackenzie Peter hits a solo to get the first score for the Billikens but were still trailing 2-1 to the Salukis. Both the pitching for St. Louis and Southern Illinois were in a struggle so after 4 there was a pitching change for both teams. For the Billikens they brought in Kallen Loveless and for Southern Illinois. Both teams made the change in the 5th inning.

There really wasn’t a lot of hits for both team just mostly walks but St. Louis got its first hit in the in the 3rd inning with a Emma Buckles double and for the Salukis a Sydney Jones single. Maddy Vermejan was able to bring Susie Baranski to make it 3-1 dawgs. Then Merri Patterson was able to double that by bringing in Maddy Vermejan and Eyrykia Brandenburg to give the Salukis a safe 5-1 lead.  In the 7th the Salukis were able to put away the Billikens with some strikeouts and fly outs.

The Salukis should have a good few months before they get back into action come late February early March.