Jeremy Sneed Week 6 Picks

Thursday Night Football 7:25
Denver Broncos (4-1) @ San Diego Chargers (1-4)
-While the Broncos did look pretty bad last week against the Falcons, things will much easier this week. The Chargers defense and the offense’s inability to close has led to their 1-4 start. I think the Broncos will get back to their winning ways Thursday with an easy win against their divisional foe.
Final Score: 34-16

Sunday Noon Games
Jacksonville Jaguars (1-3) @ Chicago Bears (1-4)
-This is a really tough for me to predict because the Bears have actually looked pretty decent since Brian Hoyer took over, but they are still 1-4. The Jaguars defeated the Colts before going on their bye week so they should have plenty of confidence. I think the Jaguars win this game, but very narrowly.
Final Score: 27-24

San Francisco 49ers (1-4) @ Buffalo Bills (3-2)
-The 49ers are finally letting Colin Kaepernick again. The only problem is that they are playing on the road and against the 3-2 Bills. Sorry Kaepernick and sorry niners fans but I think the Bills will win this week.
Final Score: 28-20

Philadelphia Eagles (3-1) @ Washington Redskins (3-2)
-This is a really tough game to predict now that the Eagles actually lost a game. It doesn’t help that the Redskins have won three games in a row. I am a believer in Kirk Cousins though, so I am going to pick the Redskins this week over the Eagles.
Final Score: 24-21

Cleveland Browns (0-5) @ Tennessee Titans (2-3)
-This could be the best opportunity for the Browns to get their first win of the season. But the Titans have started to play some good football lately following Marcus Mariota. Sadly, I think the Browns lose again this week.
Final Score: 32-21

Baltimore Ravens (3-2) @ New York Giants (2-3)
-This is another really tough game to predict because both teams have very up and down this season. The Ravens started 3-0 but have lost back-to-back. The Giants have looked great at times and poor other times. I think the Giants pull out a big win this week at the Meadowlands to even their record up at 3-3.
Final Score: 23-18

Carolina Panthers (1-4) @ New Orleans Saints (1-3)
-The Panthers lost a close one Monday night but did so without Cam Newton. With Cam Newton likely back this week, I think the Panthers will get back to their winning ways this week.
Final Score: 41-31

Los Angeles Rams (3-2) @ Detroit Lions (2-3)
-I picked the Rams last week and they lost…so I don’t really know how I feel about picking them again this week. I think with the Lions signing Justin Forsett, their running game will be elevated. Also, Theo Riddick had an insane game last week. I am going to pick the Lions this week.
Final Score: 33-27

Pittsburgh Steelers (4-1) @ Miami Dolphins (1-4)
-The Steelers is absolutely electric and is going to be too much for the Miami Dolphins. In the easiest game to predict this week, I am going to pick the Steelers over the Dolphins.
Final Score: 42-20

Cincinnati Bengals (2-3) @ New England Patriots (4-1)
-I think the Bengals really needed to beat the Cowboys to have the momentum and confidence to take down Brady, Gronk and the Patriots. I believe the Patriots will improve to 5-1.
Final Score: 37-27

Sunday Afternoon Game 3:05
Kansas City Chiefs (2-2) @ Oakland Raiders (4-1)
-This is that classic matchup of a good defense against a better offense. The Chiefs normally good but has been torn apart a couple times this season. The Raiders offense has been consistently explosive this season. In this matchup I’m a believer in the explosive Raider offense. I think Carr, Cooper and Crabtree will get the job done.
Final Score: 39-30

Sunday Afternoon Games 3:25
Atlanta Falcons (4-1) @ Seattle Seahawks (3-1)
-Part of the reason why I haven’t had any upset picks so far is because almost all of the games this week will be very entertaining and are hard to pick. This game is no exception. The Falcons have already beaten the Panthers and Broncos this season but now face the Seahawks. I am no completely sold on the Falcons because last season they started 5-0 and didn’t even make the playoffs. I am going with Seattle this week because they are at home.
Final Score: 23-16

Dallas Cowboys (4-1) @ Green Bay Packers (3-1)
-This is the hardest game for me to pick this week by far. While the Packers are 3-1, they don’t really look like what a 3-1 Packer team would look like. On the other hand, the Cowboys have been awesome this year with rookies Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott running the show. I think the veteran presence of Aaron Rodgers will outlast #DakAttack and the Packers pull out a tough, close win.
Final Score: 27-22

Sunday Night Football 7:30
Indianapolis Colts (2-3) @ Houston Texans (3-2)
-In another battle of veteran quarterback versus young quarterback in Andrew Luck and Brock Osweiler, I am going with experience once again. I am going with the Colts in what I guess could be construed as an upset pick.
Final Score: 30-23

Monday Night Football 7:30
New York Jets (1-4) @ Arizona Cardinals (2-3)
-In the finale of week 6, we’ve got the Jets who have now lost Eric Decker for the season due to rotator cuff surgery. On the flipside, we have the Cardinals who were able to win last Thursday night with Drew Stanton at quarterback. I think the Jets have too many inconsistencies all over the field and I predict a Cardinal win in this one.
Final Score: 34-20