10/27/16 SIU Women’s Basketball vs William Woods University

by Claire Patri
The Salukis women’s basketball team encountered the challenge of achieving a win against the
William Woods Owls at 6p.m. in SIU Arena this past Oct. 27. Named the 10th head coach in
Southern Illinois women’s basketball history in 2013, Cindy Stein prepared the Salukis for the
Owl defense, showing elements of teamwork and focus on a point gain. SIU players Oliva
Bowling out of New Haven, Ky., Kristen Nelson out of Farmington Hills, Mich., and Kim Nebo
out of Katy, Texas were some of the couple starting five lineup against Owls Bailey Rollins from
Windsor, Mo., Jasmine Brown from Georgetown, S.C., and Jess Schmidt from St. Charles, Mo.
that fall night. The first quarter opened with teamwork, hustle and execution by SIU who
challenged the athleticism performed by Owl Peyton Greenlee out of Marshfield, Mo. There
followed aggressive play by Owl Gebke at the ball net, as her team looked for their first point
shot in a while with a timeout called with 4 minutes left with the Salukis ahead 16-2. Owl
Greenlee’s determination was shown with 3 minutes left, 18-5 SIU. With SIU team’s second
team foul already accumulated of the first quarter, Salukis guard and forward Tiajaney Hawkins
from the east side of Chicago shots a 3 point shot bringing the score to 21-7 with Crawson
bringing the ball up the court again for another 2 point gain for SIU. Throughout the start of the
first half there were ball steals by SIU from the Owls, struggling to gain ball possession at a fast
pace with 23-9 with SIU fourth team foul. Owl Kennedy Volkart gets 3 point shot as Saluki
Lauren Hartman gains the rebound ending in the first quarter total 26-11.

The second quarter havey teamwork performed by William Woods to gain a point. With a foul,
Owl Lexy Ganaway receives her first personal. Salukis Brittany Patrick out of Bolingbrook, Ill.
demonstrated her leadership and defense being strong on her feet. Owl Gebke also shows her
team leadership, gaining a 2 point score for her team 47-28. She then takes the drive, comes up
short and the ball was taken away by SIU. Owl Bethany Bloss with a nice rebound. SIU has nice
passing among the Owls defense strategy. They take their official time out at 51-36 with a air
ball follow the conclusion of the third quarter at 51-40.

Hawkins with the rebound as there is a second time-out with 30-14 and 4 minutes left on the time
clock still in the first half. Nebo knocks in another point for SIU at 37-16 with Owls slacking
behind as a third time out was called with one minute left. Salukis win 11-11 in the second

Opens the third quarter with a 2 pointer showing great teamwork and trust for each others ability
to execute a shot. There was a tip away by the Owls, SIU grabs ending in Bowling earning her
first personal foul. During this quarter, SIU and Owls get a little more aggressive. A lot of
dysfunction, fumbles seen by Owl defense ending in not much points. Salukis guard Kylie
Giebelhausen out of East Peoria, Ill. takes her time to execute a point gain. Under a minute,
attempted pass gains SIU with the ball and aggressive finish. 74-57 is the score with SIU having
a very dominant game. Owl Brown under pressure gets help from Gebke with 50 secs left to go
ending with Bowling earning another personal foul. Number 18 has good drive and execution
with SIU Carlie Corrigan out of Plainfield, Ill. regaining a rebound from Owls as guard and
forward Caitlyn Claussen out of Manhattan, Kan. wide-open for a gain under 10 secs left in the
third quarter.

Beginning the last quarter strong and fast pace as SIU does trick moves, fake passes to confuse
Owl defense. Corrigan had nice hustle and determination performance as Salukis Nicole Martin
earns the rebound and gets a point for SIU. Owl Bailey Rollins out of Windsor, Mo. executes
points for Owls at score 64-47. Brown showed nice drive, speed down the court to get points
although getting her first personal foul pushing off Martin. There was an official time out called
after both teams hustle for the ball ending up out of bounds with under 4 minutes left. This game
ended with a Salukis win 42-60 overall.