10/28/16 SIU Women’s Volleyball vs Bradley University

by Claire Patri

The Salukis women’s volleyball team challenged the Bradley Braves from Peoria, Ill Oct. 29 at
7p.m. Head Coach Carol Price-Torok geared her team toward better defense against star Salukis
player Alex Rosignol. Middle hitter Rosignol from Mount Carmel, Ill., come out strong for the
kill. Setter Hannah Kaminsky from Woodridge, Ill., with the kill following in the next set play.
Rossignol again with another kill with great fierceness on the court in their formation to stay
organized and structured to produce a score. Outside hitter Abby Barrow out of Metamora, Ill.,
opens with a kill. Brave Erin Olson had her first serve, SIU returned it over the net with a out of
bounds kill that gained Bradley a point. Olson serves making SIU struggling to keep ball in the
air with a eventual tip over the net for a point. The middle of court proved to be a weak spot for
the Salukis because it was wide open for the ball to land for a opponent point. The Braves took
advantage of this weakness, but the Salukis seemed to quickly close this team formation gap to
protect their score momentum. Rosignol with the serve, 3-4, then tied 4-4 with a out of bounds
by Bradley. Middle hitter Kolby Meeks showed she is definitely a vital part of the Salukis team
as she kills many shots of the night. SIU setter Alayna Martin with the serve, ending in a Brave
kill. A Lot of Brave determination and heart demonstrated, striving to regain the ball in the air.
SIU outside hitter Andrea Estrada with the kill while the score is 8-7. Outside hitter Mariana
Pilon showed heart, upon a serve from Brave Kelsey Cave ending in a point for SIU. Pilon with
the serve, Braves return a out of bounds which gave SIU a point.

There was nice back and forth returns continuously throughout the match, full of passion for the
points accumulated on the scoreboard. Kaminsky and Estrada definitely showed teamwork that
night as they just wanted to play the game for the game. Braves are tough battle because they
have heart to produce a point. The Braves call there first time out at 19-14 in the first set. SIU
win first set.

Kaminsky opened second set with a serve, SIU and Braves fight for a score and Braves end up
getting first point of this set. Brave Erica Haslag who had the most kills for the Braves at 9. She
served, ending in a point for SIU. Barrow with serve and a point gain for the Braves. Estrada and
Meeks kill consistently throughout this match showing their determination and love for the
volleyball sport on their home court. Outside hitter Shannon Hagen and Nellie Fredriksson who
had the second most kills with 11, both also showed heart to produce a second set win 25-12.
Barrow had the most kills at 14 on the attack. She opened the third set with a easy dominated
kill. Fredriksson and Rosignol both produce kills consistently against Brave defense. Brave
Hanna Alexander with the serve, ending in a SIU return, Brave return, SIU return and Braves
return with a out of bounds kill ending in point for SIU. This was a recurring situation of both
teams going back and forth across the net and neither team gaining a point because of the others
out of bound kill. Meeks was on the net with a couple tip overs to get sneaky points on the
scoreboard as Barrow gave powerful kills from the side of the court. The Salukis ended this set
with a win 17-25.

The first set had 17, second set had 18 and the third set had 16 kills for the Salukis. The set
scores were with SIU at 3 and Bradley with 0.