Getting Rid of Cutler Does Not Matter

by Peter Bobrinskoy

On November 21, 2016 at 1:37 pm, Chicago Tribune Bears Reporter Brad Biggs tweeted out that Jay Cutler had suffered a possible season ending shoulder injury. Many Bears fans asked if that meant the Giants loss was the last game Jay Cutler will ever play in a Bears uniform again.
Eight years ago when Jay Cutler was traded to the Bears from the Denver Broncos, Chicago thought that it was cured from being a quarterback-starved franchise. However, here we are in 2016 with only one playoff win, three head coaches, three general managers, and six offensive coordinators in that time. Throughout these eight years, there have been many critics, excuses, praise, and hatred for Jay Cutler. The excuses started that he didn’t have good enough receivers, then it was that his offensive line was not good enough, then it was that his offensive coordinator wasn’t efficient enough. However then 2014 happened and all of the excuses were out. Prior to that season, people believed the 2014 Bears had everything it needed to be one of the best offenses in football. Alshon Jeffrey, Brandon Marshall, Martellus Bennet, Matt Forte, an above average offensive line, there were no more excuses. It was time for Jay Cutler to finally step to the plate and take the Bears to the playoffs… The Bears won five games that year and Marc Trestman and Phil Emery were fired at the end of the season and Brandon Marshall was traded.
Since then Cutler has been highly criticized and Bears fans have felt that they have had enough of Cutler and want him gone.
Here’s the problem though. Is that if you get rid of Cutler at the end of this season, it will not make a difference to the Bears franchise. The source of the problem for the Bears lack of success the past ten years goes way beyond Cutler. Jay Cutler is not a great quarterback (there I said it). However he is just a small source of the problem. The problem lies with George McCaskey and the horrendous management in the Bears front office. See it doesn’t matter if the Bears get rid of Cutler because as long as George McCaskey keeps hiring terrible General Managers like Phil Emery and Ryan Pace, the Bears will continue to be the irrelevant franchise that they are. The Bears biggest problem is that their general managers are always way too involved in free agency, do not try to gain compensation draft picks, trade up in the draft far too much, rarely trade back in the draft in order to receive more picks, and their lack of player development.
Until Ryan Pace or whoever the next Bears General Manager is learns to stop investing so much in other teams’ free agents and learns what it takes to be successful with the NFL draft, it will not matter who the Bears quarterback is. Yes, Jay Cutler’s performance has not been where it needs to be but he is not the biggest source of the problem. Bears fans, stop putting all of the blame on the quarterback and start holding ownership and management accountable.