Jeremy Sneed’s NFL Week 9 Picks

Thursday Night Football 7:25
Atlanta Falcons (5-3) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-4)
-I really think this will be a high scoring game, which is why I am avoiding starting Atlanta’s defense in fantasy. In this battle of poor defenses and strong offenses, I think Matt Ryan and the Falcons will outlast the Buccaneers.
Final Score: 37-32

Sunday Noon Games
Pittsburgh Steelers (4-3) @ Baltimore Ravens (3-4)
-Basically the polar opposite of the Atlanta-Tampa Bay game, I think this game will lack scoring. These two teams always play each other hard and tough. In this hard fought battle, I am going with Landry Jones/Big Ben and the Steelers.
Final Score: 17-10

Dallas Cowboys (6-1) @ Cleveland Browns (0-8)
-I really thought the Browns were going to win last week…but they didn’t. There is no chance of a Cleveland victory this week against the Cowboys because of just how good Dallas is right now. Final Score: 35-21

Jacksonville Jaguars (2-5) @ Kansas City Chiefs (5-2)
-This game has the makings of being a very boring and dry game. Alex Smith got banged up last week, but Nick Foles played really well. So, regardless of who starts for the Chiefs, I am going with Kansas City this week.
Final Score: 24-16

New York Jets (3-5) @ Miami Dolphins (3-4)
-This is another game that could be very, very boring and I think it will. Both of these teams lack identities on both sides of the ball which is obviously an issue. In this lackluster matchup, I am going with Jay Ajayi and the Dolphins.
Final Score: 27-13

Philadelphia Eagles (4-3) @ New York Giants (4-3)
-The Eagles are coming off of an overtime loss to the Cowboys, while the Giants are coming off of a bye week. The Giants went into their bye week after a big win against the Redskins in London. I am going with the New York football Giants in this game because I think Odell Beckham Jr. will torch the Philadelphia defense.
Final Score: 31-27

Detroit Lions (4-4) @ Minnesota Vikings (5-2)
-The Vikings have lost two games in a row, and both in bad ways. They got blown out by the Eagles, and held to ten points against the Bears. Now, offensive coordinator Norv Turner has resigned. I think the Lions will capitalize on all these issues and upset the Vikings.
Final Score: 28-15

Sunday Afternoon Games 3:05

Carolina Panthers (2-5) @ Los Angeles Rams (3-4)
-Cam Newton doesn’t feel safe and it was proven that the refs missed at least one roughing the passer/unnecessary roughness call on him. I think Cam will have a sort of chip on his shoulder now and come out strong facing the Rams. Also, I just think the Carolina offense will be too much for the Rams to handle. I am picking the Panthers this week.
Final Score: 26-16

New Orleans Saints (3-4) @ San Francisco 49ers (1-6)
-This is an easy game to pick because the Saints have an explosive offense, and the 49ers have one of the worst defenses in the league. I am picking the Saints in a blowout win on the road. Final Score: 44-17

Sunday Afternoon Games 3:25
Tennessee Titans (4-4) @ San Diego Chargers (3-5)
-The Titans have won three of their last four games, and all against some of the worst teams this season. I think they will continue that trend this week against the San Diego Chargers. I think it will be close and I think it will end in overtime, but I am sticking with the Titans.
Final Score: 29-26.

Indianapolis Colts (3-5) @ Green Bay Packers (4-3)
-Aaron Rodgers has finally returned to his old self, however, the Packers still lost a close one to Atlanta last week. I think that Rodgers and Packers will bounce back and get a huge win at home to improve to 5-3.
Final Score: 35-27

Sunday Night Football 7:30
Denver Broncos (6-2) @ Oakland Raiders (6-2)
-In my upset pick of the week, I am going with the Oakland Raiders over the Denver Broncos this week. Even though the Raiders are 5-0 now on the road, I think they pull off the upset win at home on primetime.
Final Score: 21-20

Monday Night Football 7:30
Buffalo Bills (4-4) @ Seattle Seahawks (4-2-1)
-In the final game of week 9, we have Rex Ryan and the Bills against Pete Carroll and the Seahawks. With a banged up LeSean McCoy, I think the Bills offense will be unable to score enough points to surpass the Seattle Seahawks.
Final Score: 28-14