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10/27/16 SIU Women’s Basketball vs William Woods University

by Claire Patri
The Salukis women’s basketball team encountered the challenge of achieving a win against the
William Woods Owls at 6p.m. in SIU Arena this past Oct. 27. Named the 10th head coach in
Southern Illinois women’s basketball history in 2013, Cindy Stein prepared the Salukis for the
Owl defense, showing elements of teamwork and focus on a point gain. SIU players Oliva
Bowling out of New Haven, Ky., Kristen Nelson out of Farmington Hills, Mich., and Kim Nebo
out of Katy, Texas were some of the couple starting five lineup against Owls Bailey Rollins from
Windsor, Mo., Jasmine Brown from Georgetown, S.C., and Jess Schmidt from St. Charles, Mo.
that fall night. The first quarter opened with teamwork, hustle and execution by SIU who
challenged the athleticism performed by Owl Peyton Greenlee out of Marshfield, Mo. There
followed aggressive play by Owl Gebke at the ball net, as her team looked for their first point
shot in a while with a timeout called with 4 minutes left with the Salukis ahead 16-2. Owl
Greenlee’s determination was shown with 3 minutes left, 18-5 SIU. With SIU team’s second
team foul already accumulated of the first quarter, Salukis guard and forward Tiajaney Hawkins
from the east side of Chicago shots a 3 point shot bringing the score to 21-7 with Crawson
bringing the ball up the court again for another 2 point gain for SIU. Throughout the start of the
first half there were ball steals by SIU from the Owls, struggling to gain ball possession at a fast
pace with 23-9 with SIU fourth team foul. Owl Kennedy Volkart gets 3 point shot as Saluki
Lauren Hartman gains the rebound ending in the first quarter total 26-11.

The second quarter havey teamwork performed by William Woods to gain a point. With a foul,
Owl Lexy Ganaway receives her first personal. Salukis Brittany Patrick out of Bolingbrook, Ill.
demonstrated her leadership and defense being strong on her feet. Owl Gebke also shows her
team leadership, gaining a 2 point score for her team 47-28. She then takes the drive, comes up
short and the ball was taken away by SIU. Owl Bethany Bloss with a nice rebound. SIU has nice
passing among the Owls defense strategy. They take their official time out at 51-36 with a air
ball follow the conclusion of the third quarter at 51-40.

Hawkins with the rebound as there is a second time-out with 30-14 and 4 minutes left on the time
clock still in the first half. Nebo knocks in another point for SIU at 37-16 with Owls slacking
behind as a third time out was called with one minute left. Salukis win 11-11 in the second

Opens the third quarter with a 2 pointer showing great teamwork and trust for each others ability
to execute a shot. There was a tip away by the Owls, SIU grabs ending in Bowling earning her
first personal foul. During this quarter, SIU and Owls get a little more aggressive. A lot of
dysfunction, fumbles seen by Owl defense ending in not much points. Salukis guard Kylie
Giebelhausen out of East Peoria, Ill. takes her time to execute a point gain. Under a minute,
attempted pass gains SIU with the ball and aggressive finish. 74-57 is the score with SIU having
a very dominant game. Owl Brown under pressure gets help from Gebke with 50 secs left to go
ending with Bowling earning another personal foul. Number 18 has good drive and execution
with SIU Carlie Corrigan out of Plainfield, Ill. regaining a rebound from Owls as guard and
forward Caitlyn Claussen out of Manhattan, Kan. wide-open for a gain under 10 secs left in the
third quarter.

Beginning the last quarter strong and fast pace as SIU does trick moves, fake passes to confuse
Owl defense. Corrigan had nice hustle and determination performance as Salukis Nicole Martin
earns the rebound and gets a point for SIU. Owl Bailey Rollins out of Windsor, Mo. executes
points for Owls at score 64-47. Brown showed nice drive, speed down the court to get points
although getting her first personal foul pushing off Martin. There was an official time out called
after both teams hustle for the ball ending up out of bounds with under 4 minutes left. This game
ended with a Salukis win 42-60 overall.

Jeremy Sneed’s NFL Week 7 Picks

Thursday Night Football 7:25
Chicago Bears (1-5) @ Green Bay Packers (3-2)
-I really wish I could pick my Chicago Bears this week. I know that the Packers offense this season has not like typical Packer offense. I think Aaron Rodgers will get his confidence against the rival Bears and lead the Packers to a victory.
Final Score: 31-16

Sunday Morning Game (In London) 8:30 AM
New York Giants (3-3) @ Los Angeles Rams (3-3)
-This is the second game to be played in London this season. Now, this is not an easy game to pick. The Giants got a much needed win thanks to 222 yards and two touchdowns from Odell Beckham Jr., but the Rams also played very well in their loss against the Lions. I think the Rams are going to build off of that loss and take down the Giants in London.
Final Score: 27-23

Sunday Noon Games
New Orleans Saints (2-3) @ Kansas City Chiefs (3-2)
-The Saints were able to hold off a late surge from the Panthers offense and they improved to 2-3. The Chiefs defense was able to hold the explosive Raiders offense to just 10 points. I think the Chiefs defense will lead them to another victory this week against the Saints.
Final Score: 24-17.

Indianapolis Colts (2-4) @ Tennessee Titans (3-3)
-Marcus Mariota has looked amazing the last two weeks and I think he will continue his dominance this week against the Colts. I do think the Colts are going to make it close, I just think the Titans have more momentum on their side than the Colts.
Final Score: 36-31

Minnesota Vikings (5-0) @ Philadelphia Eagles (3-2)
-This is going to be a very emotional game as this will be Sam Bradford’s return to Philly. The Vikings are also coming off of a bye week. The Eagles have now lost two in a row and Carson Wentz is starting to play like a rookie quarterback. I think the Vikings will do everything they can to get Bradford a win and that is my pick: Vikings.
Final Score: 23-12

Cleveland Browns (0-6) @ Cincinnati Bengals (2-4)
-The Browns are a team that shouldn’t be winless. They have a couple opportunities to win games but have just fallen through. The Bengals are coming in at just 2-4 and are desperate for a win. As much as I would love to pick the Browns this week, I think the Bengals will get the win.
Final Score: 27-24

Washington Redskins (4-2) @ Detroit Lions (3-3)
-The Lions pulled off a close win last week against the Rams and in there three wins they have won by a combined total of 8 points. I think the Redskins are clicking on all cylinders and this will be a tough game for the Lions to win. So my pick is for the Redskins to win their 5th straight game.
Final Score: 34-27

Oakland Raiders (4-2) @ Jacksonville Jaguars (2-3)
-The Raiders got blown out by Kansas City last week, and the Jaguars came back from a 13-0 deficit to beat the Bears. When it comes to predicting this matchup, I think it comes down to offense and the Raiders offense is better than the Jaguars. I think the Raiders will bounce back and get a big road win.
Final Score: 42-24

Buffalo Bills (4-2) @ Miami Dolphins (2-4)
-The Dolphins benefitted last week by Ben Roethlisberger being banged up and the offense being in shambles. I think they will face a much tougher test this week with the Bills who have won four straight games. I think the Bills will be victorious in this matchup and improve to 5-2.
Final Score: 29-23

Baltimore Ravens (3-3) @ New York Jets (1-5)
-Joe Flacco is dealing with a shoulder injury, and the Jets will start Geno Smith in this game. I am going to go out on a limb and give my upset pick of the week to the New York Jets.
Final Score: 20-13

Sunday Afternoon Games 3:05
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-3) @ San Francisco 49ers (1-5)
-Colin Kaepernick returned to the starting quarterback role for the 49ers last week, but they got destroyed by the Bills 45-16. I think the 49ers are going to upset the Buccaneers this week and Kaepernick will bounce back and have a great game back at home.
Final Score: 24-21

San Diego Chargers (2-4) @ Atlanta Falcons (4-2)
-The Chargers were able to pull off a big upset win against the Broncos last Thursday night. I think their luck will run this week, however, when they travel to Atlanta to face the Falcons. I think the Falcons offense will be too much for the Chargers to handle.
Final Score: 35-17

Sunday Afternoon Game 3:25
New England Patriots (5-1) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (4-2)
-This game is very easy to pick because Ben Roethlisberger will be out and Landry Jones will start. The offense does not look nearly the same without Big Ben, and I think the Patriots will stuff everything the Steelers try to do offensively. I think the Patriots win and win big.
Final Score: 45-14

Sunday Night Football 7:30
Seattle Seahawks (4-1) @ Arizona Cardinals (3-3)
-This by far the most difficult game to pick this week because it is hard to count out the Cardinals. Sadly, I think the Seahawks will come through and pull off a big road win to improve to 5-1.
Final Score: 23-20

Monday Night Football 7:30
Houston Texans (4-2) @ Denver Broncos (4-2)
-Like Sam Bradford, Houston’s Brock Osweiler is returning to his former team. This one has a bit more emotion behind it as the Broncos weren’t too happy with how Osweiler left. However, the Texans are somehow 4-2 and playing some pretty good football. I think, because this game is in Denver, that Osweiler’s return will be spoiled and the Broncos will win this game. Final Score: 34-26

Daniel Hartmann’s NFL Week 7 Picks

BEARS (1-5) AT PACKERS (3-2)
Yes, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers have looked just a bit off lately. But they’re still better than the Bears. Brian Hoyer has looked good, but he can’t do it by himself. If Jordan Howard gets shut down, the Bears have no chance in this one, even with Eddie Lacy out for the Packers. The score will look better for the Bears than the game actually goes.
FINAL: Packers 24- Bears 17

GIANTS (3-3) At RAMS (3-3) in London
Eli manning and OBJ should decimate a bad Rams secondary. Janoris Jenkins would be helpful for the Rams in this one. Too bad he plays for the Giants. Jenkins will draw Kenny Britt in this one, while Trumaine Johnson draws Beckham. Jenkins wins his matchup, Johnson doesn’t. That’s the difference in this one.
FINAL: Giants 31- Rams 27

COLTS (2-4) AT TITANS (3-3)

The Titans won last week by airing it out. They don’t have to this week. Demarco Murray should further his Comeback Player of the Year candidacy with a dominate game against a bad Colts defense. Andrew Luck will be playing from behind early.
FINAL: Titans 34- Colts 24

SAINTS (2-3) AT CHIEFS (3-2)
Defensive score alert! Tight end sweep alert! Two of the most creative coaches in the NFL face off, with plenty of momentum on both sides. I just think the Chiefs ball control offense gives them a good chance of keeping Brees and co. off the field. Plus Marcus Peters is pretty good at this whole cornerback thing. No big plays for Brandin Cooks in this one.
FINAL: Chiefs 21- Saints 17

No quarterback in the NFL is playing better than Matthew Stafford right now. Jim Bob Cooter has the best name in NFL, and he’s good at his job too. But Kirk Cousins has turned back the clock to last year. With a decent ground game finally showing up for the Redskins, Cousins can throw over the top to Desean Jackson, or underneath to Jamison Crowder. The Lions just don’t have enough defensive weapons to keep the Redskins from running up the score.
FINAL: Redskins 30- Lions 21

This is sad. Huge game for two young teams. I love the Jaguars game, but the Raiders are just better on offense. This could be the highest scoring game of the week if Blake Bortles can avoid his normal mistakes. The Raiders defense is just terrible, but Khalil Mack puts himself back on the map with a huge game. He is the difference in this one.
FINAL: Raiders 45- Jaguars 41

I’m on the Browns bandwagon. It won’t manifest itself in a win this week, but the Browns look better each week. Did you see what Danny Shelton did to Demarco Murray last week? And Cody Kessler looks good too. The Bengals are just better. They’re not the Super Bowl contender of years past, but still. The Browns put up a fight, but AJ Green is unstoppable here.
FINAL: Bengals 24- Browns 14

Carson Wentz finally looked like a rookie last week against the Redskins. Unfortunately for him, he now faces the best defense in the NFL. The Vikings look better and better each week, and Sam Bradford has the offense humming. The Eagles don’t have the firepower to make the Vikings sweat.
FINAL: Vikings 27- Eagles 18

RAVENS (3-3) AT JETS (1-5)

Geno Smith is the starting quarterback for the Jets. That’s all the analysis you need.
FINAL: Ravens 20- Jets 13

The Bills are one of the two or three hottest teams in the NFL right now. The Dolphins are coming off a major upset of the Steelers and found their running back of the future in Jay Ajayi. Shady should have running room no matter where he looks. Bills run over the Dolphins.
FINAL: Bills 28- Dolphins 17

The Falcons were cheated out of a win last week in Seattle, and their offense is one of the league’s best. Jatavis Brown looks good in the middle of the Chargers defense, but without their top corner, no one is going to slow down Julio Jones. Hunter Henry and Phillip Rivers make this a game, but the Falcons are out for blood.
FINAL: Falcons 38- Chargers 31

BUCCANEERS (2-3) AT 49ERS (1-5)
Kaepernick wasn’t enough last week, and he’s not going to be enough this week. The Bucs come off the bye week missing Vincent Jackson, Doug Martin, and Charles Sims. Luckily for Jameis Winston he still has Mike Evans and his massive frame. The 49ers don’t have someone to slow down Evans over the top, Brate in the middle, and Humphries underneath. Poor 49ers.
FINAL: Buccaneers 31- 49ERS 14

No Big Ben means no chance for the Steelers, even with their plethora of weapons. Brady is back, Gronk is healthy, Bennett is a monster, and James White is the new Kevin Faulk. Patriots win big.
FINAL: Patriots 45- Steelers 24


The Cardinals are looking dangerous again. They have weapons all over the field, and David Johnson is one of the top two or three running backs in the NFL. The Seahawks have Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, and the big bad ‘backers to chase down Johnson and shut down Fitzgerald. Seahawks pull one out on the road.
FINAL: Seahawks 21- Cardinals 20

Denver showed a couple cracks against the Falcons two weeks ago, and looked bad last week too. Meanwhile, the Texans finally got some return on their investment in Brock Osweiler. It helped that Lamar Miller flashed greatness, and opened some holes, but still. I just don’t see Denver losing at home with Trevor Semien back to almost healthy.
FINAL- Broncos 24- Texans 20

SIU keeps Evansville winless in MVC play

By Matthew Schneider

On Saturday the Salukis looked to pick up a win after losing to Wichita State on Monday. The would take on the Evansville Purple Aces. Evansville is last place in the Missouri Valley Conference and is 0-8 in MVC play. SIU is 6-2 in the Valley. SIU hadn’t lost to Evansville at home since Nov. 10, 2006. Their lost loss to Evansville was a 3-0 defeat on Nov. 28, 2011 in Evansville.

The first set the Salukis had no trouble winning easily 25-14. Abby Barrow led the way with five kills. Meg Viggars and Hannah Kaminsky led the wat with six assists each. The Purple Aces came out of the gate slow and they were never able to get back into the opening set. Joselyn Coronel, Cathy Schreiber, and Mildrelis Rodriguez each had three kills. Jelena Merseli led the Purple Aces with six assists.

The second set was a lot closer for Evansville, but the Salukis still won the set 25-23. The Salukis had a total of 24 kills in the second set and were led by Barrow with six kills. Meg Viggars and Alex Rosignol each contributed with four kills each. Meg Viggars also led the team with eleven assists in the second set and Hannah Kaminsky contributed ten assists as well. Mildrelis Rodriguez led Evansville with seven kills. Cathy Schreiber added six kills in what was the best set played by the Purple Aces.

The third set was mostly dominated by Southern Illinois 25-18. Meg Viggars and Abby Barrow had another good set and Alex Rosignol came alive in the second set.

Southern Illinois won the match in straight sets and improved to 16-7 overall and 7-2 in the MVC. Evansville fell to 4-18 and is still without a win in the MVC at 0-9. Abby Barrow had a great game by leading the team in kills. Hannah Kaminsky added two aces and Viggars added another for a solid game from SIU. Rodriguez tried everything she could to try and keep Evansville relevant in the match, but it was no match against the second best team in the Missouri Valley.

Evansville will travel to Northern Iowa and Drake for back-to back matches on October 21st and 22nd before heading home to Bradley on the 28th. SIU will to Drake and then Northern Iowa for back-to-back matches on October 21st and 22nd. They will return home to face Loyola and Bradley for back-to-back matches on the 28th and 29th.both those games will be at Davies Gym and will start at 7 o’clock. You can also listen to those on The Revolution.