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Infinite Religions


Review By: SLW

Genre: Alternative, Acoustic

Release Date: January 21, 2014

Neal Calvin Peterson presents his listeners with an interesting twist on his album Duality. Under the name Infinite Religions, Peterson creates this twist by taking tracks one and two, overlaying them and producing track three with the mixture. Track one, Life, gives listeners on upbeat sound to reflect how many people view the experience of life. This coincides well with the track’s lyrics on fitting in, in society throughout one’s life. The second track Death provides listeners with the obvious opposite to that of Life. The track begins with a bell that resembles a death toll. Track three also includes some excerpts from track one, which only helps to add to the beauty of track three.Track three ties both tracks one and two together by describing the process of falling apart in life and putting oneself back together again.

Recommended Tracks: All 3

RIYL: Cage The Elephant, Jon Foreman

Classics on the Metal Stream: Bulldozer – The Day of Wrath

Origin: Italycover

Genre: Thrash Metal, Black Metal

Released on March 13th, 1985 on Roadrunner Records

Bulldozer first formed way back in 1980, disbanded shortly after in 1981 only to reform in 1984 and then disband again for a long while in 1992 and finally have been active since 2008. Bulldozer has been an unheralded band who has released quality metal for many years. The Day of Wrath would be their debut released in 1985, and is a must listen by any metal fan. Highly influenced by Venom, the music of Bulldozer thunders along with whiplashing speed, scratchy catchy guitars, and raspy raw screaming vocals.

RIYL: Venom, Sabbat, Motorhead, Sarcofago, Toxic Holocaust, Tormentor

Recommended Tracks:

2: Cut Throat

3: Insurrection of the Living Damned

5: The Great Deceiver

7: Whisky Time

8: Welcome Death

New on the Metal Stream: Skull Fist – Chasing the Dream

Origin: CanadaSkull_Fist_Chasing_The_Dream

Genre: Speed Metal

Released on January 10th, 2014 on NoiseArt Records

Skull Fist’s follow up to their fantastic 2011 debut Head of the Pack is here. This sophomore album is jammed full of wild guitar riffs and shreds, blazing speed, and the awesome vocals of Jackie Slaughter. This one is a must listen!

RIYL: White Wizzard, Cauldron, Enforcer, Axxion, Striker, Steelwing, Holy Grail, Wolf

Recommended Tracks:

1: Hour to Live

2: Bad for Good

4: Call of the Wild

6: You’re Gonna Pay

7: Don’t Stop the Fight

9: Mean Street Rider

New on the Metal Stream: Mechina – Xenon

Origin: Batavia, Illinoiscover

Genre: Industrial Death Metal

Independently released on January 1st, 2014

Mechina was formed in 2004 and Xenon is their fourth album in ten years. Musically, Mechina is an Industrial death metal band, where along with top shelf guitar work, there is a decided sci-fi synthetic atmosphere created by copious amounts of industrial programming, pianos, and angelic, demonic, distorted vocals. The result is an intense yet advanced sound that is very well composed.

RIYL: Sybreed, Fear Factory, Xerath

Recommended Tracks:

1. Xenon

2. Ailthea

3. Zoticus

4. Terrae

8. Erebus