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One Year Later and still so many questions

Whats Happening everybody. This is Russ Harper AKA WIDB’s hip hop director AKA Russ Diggidy Harper AKA DJ Diggidy. I’m here posting for the first time. Ive been up for too long and Im too tired, but like many I feel more creative when Im really tired. So here we go.

Sunday was the VMAs. And Im not gonna recap it because it was once again, really boring. But this year one of the main topics of the evening was last year’s interesting moment where Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift. A year later and I have so many questions. Has Taylor ever forgiven Kanye? West said he apologized multiple times, but it seems like Swift keeps talkin about it, almost to the point of not shutting up about it. I mean her performance at the VMAs had some old time TV showing what happened last year at the VMAs, and apparently the song was about the incident. But what exactly was she talking about? Was she the innocent or was Kanye the innocent? Did the song mean she still wants sympathy for something that happened a year ago, despite the fact that it really wasn’t a big deal? I mean, she’s still really f*cking rich and popular, and I don’t think her speech getting interrupted ruined her world. And doesn’t she owe Kanye a huge thank you now? Because when you think about it, the incident is going to make her a huge amount of money. Because of the incident, she wrote the song she played at the VMAs. That song will probably be the first single off her next album. The song along with the album will make her more money and add to her lucrative career. Not only that, it adds more for her to write about, instead of just having songs about boyfriends who treated her poorly. In a way, Kanye West is going to make her a lot of money and greatly help her career.

All of this leads to the ultimate question: Was this all a massive conspiracy to help both of their careers? You might recall back in 2007 Kanye West had a sort of a fake beef with 50 cent, where 50 said he would retire if Kanye sold more records, leading to both of them selling a lot of records and making a lot of cash. Is it possible Kanye has devised another plan to sell records? One that will help his and Taylor’s careers for the rest of their lives? I think so. After all Kanye is a  musical genius. Don’t deny it. He knows what he’s doing. People hate him and he still sells records.

OK. I’m exhausted. Think about what I wrote. Or don’t. Go outside. Enjoy the fresh air. Or don’t.

-Russ Diggidy