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Classics on the Metal Stream: Angel Dust – Into the Dark Past

Origin: Germany879

Genre: Speed Metal, Thrash Metal

Released in 1986 on Disaster Records

Angel Dust’s 1986 debut album, Into the Dark Past, is one of the rarest and most difficult albums to find, and when it is found it usually goes for high, high dollar. Angel Dust is best known for their proggy-power metal, but in their early days they were a speed/thrash act. While many bands of the era were of the San Francisco Bay Area style or the German thrash style, Angel Dust’s earliest work never fit into either scene and, as such, said albums fell into relative obscurity until the rise of the internet and the subsequent thrash revival. This album is chocked full of velocity and riffs, but lacks recklessness and is less barbaric than many other thrash bands, and the vocalist is suitable with his gruff raw style of barking the lyrics.

RIYL: Iron Angel, Helloween, Scanner, Exodus, Flotsam and Jetsam

Recommended Tracks:

2. I’ll Come Back

4. Gambler

5. Fighter’s Return

6. Atomic Roar

7. Victims of Madness

8. Marching For Revenge

New on the Metal Stream: Khashm – Serpents of Death

Origin: Russia2vkzx8k

Genre: Black Metal

Released on August 19th, 2013 on Heretic Rex Records

Formed in 2008, Khashm is a project of a guy that calls himself Kreator, and is part of inner circle of True Ingrian Black Metal Death.  This is a band that takes a lot of influence from the Second Wave of black metal bands, including band member pseudonyms, corpsepaint, and that over the top evilness. Musically, these guys are also in the Second Wave of black metal realm: lots of tremolo riffing, ferociously blasting drums, and rasping shrieking vocals. These guys also throw quite a bit of mid-paced melody amongst the intensity to give the album a certain, catchiness.

RIYL: Emperor, Mayhem, Marduk, Watain, Endstille, Nahemoth, Ulvdalir

Recommended Tracks:

2: Last Breath of the Universe

3: Through the Void

4: Roots of Creation

7. Devouring the Sun

8. The Awakening of a Great Serpent

New on the Metal Stream: Battalion – Empire of Dead

Origin: Brazil362616

Genre: Speed Metal, Thrash Metal

Independently released on February 7th 2013

Battalion are a relatively new Brazilian band who formed in 2005, and play mostly thrash metal which is pretty similar to their South American peers. What sets them apart is the vocalist, Marcelo Fagundes, who uses grunts and mutters to get his point across and he will occasionally belt out some falsetto for emphasis.

RIYL: Bywar, Abiotx, Guillotine, Farscape, Violator, Exciter, Tank

Recommended Tracks:

2. Empire of Dead

3. Forged by Iron and Fire

5. Valley of the Dead

6. Steel Avenger

7. Blood of Circle

New on the Metal Stream: Barque of Dante – Lasting Forever

Origin: China


Genre: Power Metal

Released on December 21st, 2013 on Mort Productions

Fast European-inspired power metal featuring rapid melodic guitar solos and loads of keyboards and symphonic accents along with some traditional Asian influences.

RIYL: Dragonforce, Gloryhammer, Iron Maiden, Nightwish, Kamelot

Recommended Tracks:

2. Lasting Forever

3. Follow the King

4. Walking Alone

6. Way of Your Life