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Saluki Womens Basketball opens exhibition play

By Jeremy Sneed

The Salukis took home their first win of the season tonight against the Maryville Saints.  Though an exhibition game, there was plenty to be learned.

With Dyanna Pierre and Azia Washington out for potentially a few weeks, the first thing the Salukis needed to learn was how they could perform without their two best players.  Well the answer to that question, is not very well.  The Salukis did win 66-60 but the game should have never been that close.  Maryville is a Division II school and SIU was listed as one of the best school’s in the Missouri Valley Conference Pre-season Poll.

It seems as though the Salukis felt overly confident going into this match-up thinking Maryville didn’t stand a chance. However, the Saints came back multiple times to make it a close game, including a 12-9 run to end the first quarter only trailing by three – a small gap the Saints pushed the Salukis to again later in the game.

Needless to say, the game was very ugly on both sides. There were a total of 33 turnovers in this game, 19 of which were by SIU.  It will be very tough for the Salukis to get at least 4th in the conference with 19 turnovers.  After the game, Coach Stein was critical of the team saying that the two things they need to work on are controlling the turnovers and hitting free throws.  The Salukis only went 9-21 from the line for a 42.9%.  Coach Stein’s synopsis of the game was stated simply, “Way too many turnovers.”  I would have to agree.

Looking past the negatives, players like Rishonda Napier, Cartaesha Macklin, and Kylie Gielbelhausen were the bright spots in tonight’s game.  Napier looked smooth as butter tonight, besides having 5 turnovers of her own, swiftly moving past defenders at will.  Throughout the night Napier was a problem to match up with, crossing over and going behind her back to create opportunities for her and her teammates on the court.  Napier finished the game with 10 points on 4-9 shooting and 8 assists.

Gielbelhausen gets my vote for player of the game for her performance tonight.  She only shot 6-16 but she had 16 points, 13 rebounds, 4 assists, 4 blocks and 2 steals.  Pretty much she did everything out there – without her this game would have been completely different.  Macklin shot 50 percent from the field scoring 15 points and adding 10 rebounds.  If the Salukis get more performance like the ones Macklin and Gielbelhausen put on tonight, they should be in good shape while Pierre and Washington are out.

While the ladies do need to watch the turnovers and shoot better than 42% from the free throw line, key players like Napier and Macklin stepped up and helped the Salukis to their 66-60 victory.  Post game, not only did Napier and Gielbelhausen sound optimistic about the season, Coach Stein did as well.  Regarding her team being ranked 4th in the pre-season poll and she replied with, “It’s fair,” adding that those were the teams that finished ahead of the Salukis last season and “the plan is to win it all.”

The Salukis will continue exhibition as they take on the Kentucky Wesleyan Panthers at 2 p.m. November 7 at SIU Arena.

The Color Before the Sun

By Trevor Leavell

As their eighth effort, Coheed and Cambria produce their first album that doesn’t follow lead man Claudio Sanchez’s sci-fi narrative that has been present throughout their past seven albums. With this deviation from their concept, Color Before The Sun’s sound also deviates from the Coheed and Cambria sound that their fans are used to; however, Coheed and Cambria is able to use their different sound without intimidating their diehard fans. In fact, this album is more comforting than even their best albums. Once that riff from “Island” starts playing, you’ll have that feeling to stick around for the rest of the album, and surly you’ll have a great time. This album also has varying tones. “Ghost” and “Colors” carry a sense of somberness, while other tracks like “Here to Mars” and “Atlas” carry a much more sentimental tone. There are a couple songs that I’m sure diehard fans, like myself, will absolutely love and those are “The Audience” and “You’ve Got Spirit, Kid”. These two songs carry the sound that Coheed is known for. “You’ve Got Spirit, Kid” has the spunkiness that’s been present in previous albums such as No World for Tomorrow and Afterman: Ascension, while “The Audience” has the hateful tone that was present in Year of the Black Rainbow, Good Apollo Vol. 1, and has the funkiness in “The Hard Sell” from Afterman: Desension. The closing song “Peace to the Mountain” is probably their best closing song since “The Light and the Glass” from In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3.  I feel like diehard fans of Coheed and Cambria will use this album as a gateway for people that are unfamiliar with the band. Not by any chance it is their best, but it is definitely not their worst.


One more game?

By Xavier Cantrell

The NBA regular season is less than one week away and everyone is finalizing their preseason predictions and getting geared up for an exciting expectations. A lot of teams this season are coming in with high expectations for the upcoming campaign and only time will tell how things will pan out, but I can’t help but notice that one former championship contender has suddenly been left out of the equation by most basketball enthusiasts.

The Indiana Pacers had a rough season last season. However one’s ambitious can’t be too high when your leading scorer, defensive anchor, and (at one point) MVP candidate misses 76 games and is on a minutes restriction for the six games he did play. Finishing ninth in the East barely missing the playoffs and seeing Paul George carried off of the court in the final game of the season was definitely a discouraging scene for Pacers fans last season but the optimism that exist today in Indiana should not be ignored.

Not only have the Pacers returned with a healthy Paul George, who has been electrifying this preseason with a 20 point first quarter in a win against the Pistons and an explosive slam in a loss to the Bulls, but they have also acquired Monta Ellis in free agency a veteran scorer who averaged 18.9 points per game in the regular season and 26 points per game along with 5.2 assists per game in the postseason. With 2 of the leagues best scorers and a host of other capable playmakers and scorers which include the likes of George Hill, CJ Miles & Rodney Stuckey the Pacers are poised to make a push in the East by pushing the ball and playing a more up tempo offense then we’ve seen over the past four or five seasons in Indiana.

I understand the Pacers lost what some believe was the anchor of our team in Roy Hibbert but if you talk to most Pacers fans and insiders they will tell you that it was time for “The Big Dawg” to find a new doghouse. However, losing David West did hurt. David was our veteran and our anchor as a team and although he was getting older and slower the mental and emotional contribution that he brought to the Pacers was something that can’t really be taught or found in most players. Even this loss wasn’t seen as a complete failure though. It opened an opportunity for Paul George to learn and grow both as a leader and by moving him to the Power Forward position in order to play a smaller and quicker brand of basketball.

Despite everything that I’ve just discussed in this article’s NBA Season Preview had the Pacers finishing ninth again and winning only one more game than last season. This statement was so appauling that Even Paul George took to Twitter upon the release of these power rankings to tweet “9th” with a laughing emoji following. Only time will tell how the season will play out, but I hope I’m not alone in saying that the Pacers are a team that could easily make the playoffs as the fifth seed.

New Logo

While the kissing twins will forever be a WIDB icon (and will make an appearance on a few throwback items from time to time) the current staff of WIDB felt the need to update the station logo to something that better embodies what WIDB is. The logo went through several design variations, staff discussions and ultimately a vote. The logo was created by SIU student Ashley Moreman, and meets all of the requirements set forth by the staff. It will soon be showing up on our website, flyers, apparel and more. Enjoy.

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