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Streams are up!

Just yesterday I was able to fix and reconnect the studios to the internet! Thus, each studio is live again, unless otherwise noted. That said, the Remedy has been dead air since roughly midnight. That is some sort of software problem or a student DJ did not turn the automation back on. Regardless, an easy fix once I am up in the station today.



Chief Engineer

Unable to Stream?

Yes, sadly, no one will be able to listen to the stream for a while as the internet line to the part of the building we at broadcast from is dysfunctional. As engineer I looked into a few solutions today, but unfortunately there is nothing I can do beside put in a maintenance request. This was done earlier today and I am hoping for a quick turn around. But I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

I will post another update once the problem has been resolved. Until then, I apologize for the inconvenience.

Mike Maxwell

Chief Engineer

Personnel Director Wanted!

Hello everyone,

We have an open Personnel Director position and we need you to help fill it! If you are interested, take a look at the description and responsibilities below and fill out the application.  For questions regarding the position please contact our General Manager, Danielle D’Arceneaux, at

Application Deadline: January 24th.  Interviews will begin the following week on the 28th.

Link for Personnel Application2013 Personnel_App


PERSONNEL DIRECTOR: The Personnel Director is directly responsible to the Program Director and is responsible for putting together and training a staff for this format.

Specific duties of the Personnel Director include:
1. Recruitment and supervision of on-air staff.
2. Training of all WIDB on-air staff in accordance to WIDB’s training system.
3. Working with the Program Director in implementing and enforcing and all WIDB on-air policies and procedures.

4. Scheduling of personnel for all on-air shifts.
5. Working with the Music Directors and Program Director in developing a viable format.
6. Organizing and heading a weekly meeting of all non-staff members of WIDB to inform them of station activity.
7. Maintains a file cabinet with an individual folder for each on-air staff member, containing complete records of membership contracts, tests, and disciplinary reports.  Upon graduation, the staff members’ records are handed to the Public Relations Director for addition to the alumni list.