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The Remedy is Back!

Hello all, the problems with the Remedy have been fixed and everything is working smoothly. Thanks for your patience and happy listening!

Didn’t get what you want for Christmas?

Gary Clark Jr. wants to help you get what you didn’t receive from family this holiday season: A brand new Crosley Three-Speed Portable turntable & his new album “Blak n Blu” on vinyl. Sure would beat those tube socks!

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Remedy is Down!

Good morning,

As of last night, both streams were knocked offline for a bit; the Revolution recovered. Sadly, there is a problem with the Remedy’s broadcast port. As this is winter break for many of us, there is currently no one back to fix this. I will be returning to Carbondale early to fix this among other things.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Your Chief Engineer, Mikey