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Coming up on the Fall Semester!

Hope you’re having a great summer! There have been quite a few changes at WIDB this summer. For starters, you can find our new staff information updated on the “Contact Us” page. Additionally, WIDB’s studios are moving with the times and updating the gear used for broadcasting each of our streams!

Anyway, here’s my cat.


Keep in touch for information on where to find WIDB during Saluki Start-up!


From The Vault – November 7

Well, I have finally caught up to myself and will be posting on the website weekly for the rest of the semester! Huzzah!

Today I had a blast playing an assortment of gems from the vault as well as a new album that came in just last month! Though my posting format may change, for now I’m going to go ahead and leave mini reviews of each of the albums that were featured today below. I hope you find something you like, I sure did!


Brothers Of Brazil

Brothers of Brazil – Self Titled

Released in 2011

The Brothers of Brazil started with a variety show in 1995, then continued into a band. They ARE two brothers, and they live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Fun Fact: both of their parents are Brazilian senators). The unique sound that Sulpa (Eduardo Smith de Vasconcellos Suplicy) and his youngest brother, João, create is done using a nylon string acoustic guitar and drums. The duo creates a mix of different Brazilian styles, including samba and bossa nova, with rock and funk, which in certain songs is reminiscent of rockabilly. Each of their songs are sung in mostly English with the occasional burst of Portuguese. The combination their music creates is fun and easily induces toe tapping to those who listen.

Recommended Tracks:

 Samba Around The Clock


Take The Money and Run Away to Rio

Vanity Funk


Black Rock Coalition

Black Rock Coalition – The History of Our Future

Released in 1991

The Black Rock Coalition was formed by Vernon Reid, of Living Colour, along with Greg Tate and Konda Mason. They are an organization of black artists and supporters. “The History of Our Future” is a compilation album they they put out consisting of anything from funk to metal to hip-hop. Each track was recorded by a different band and creates an amazing collection of fun, usually quite different, tracks. A large number of the bands featured in this album I could not find any other albums or even any further information on, making this album even more of a gem.

Recommended Tracks:

Blackasaurus Mex – “Think Twice”

Royal Pain – “Hope”

Jupiter – “Tough Times”

The Good Guys – “Make It In My World”


aspic tines

Aspic Tines – Enchanté Madame A.I.: Released last month

Aspic Tines is, as he puts it, currently residing in what us Earthlings refer to as Chicago, Illinois. He has quite the interesting backstory on his arrival on Earth from the Andromeda Galaxy (it really is a great read if you can get your hands on it). The album is only 5 tracks, but is worth the time it takes to listen. Each track is electronic, some of which remind me of the “goth” stylings of bands like Depeche Mode.

Recommended Tracks:

Do The Sex

The Doomsday Kiss

Industrial Royale – 10/20/2013

Tonight on Industrial Royale, we’ve got the segment, “A Look Inside,” where I play and discuss some of my recent projects, recordings, etc. That is what I plan to focus on in this post.

First off, tonight, I have two tracks from the current album project I am near completing, Kalm Kaoss III. The first track during the segment is track five, “Transition Tie.” This track takes place after a “set” within the album that ended up being rather different from my initial and following tracks. Being a fan of smooth transitions and flow within a project series or album, I originally decided to create a track that blended the two “styles” that I have developed with my Kaossilator 2. For reference to the prior “style” that had been used and developed through the Kalm Kaoss EP and Kalm Kaoss II, I have linked the Bandcamps for each album and their previews on SoundCloud.

Kalm Kaoss EP – Preview

Kalm Kaoss II – Preview

You will be able to hear the track “Transitional Tie” at approximately 9 pm CST.

Next will be the seventh track on the current project, “Humming Sea.” This track was only recorded and mixed this past week. One morning, I simply sat down and just built up a nice beat, nothing too extraordinary, but chaotically chill or perhaps calm? Get it? Me neither. The track totals a length of seven minutes and twenty-seven seconds. After initial composing the piece, I had a good chuckle at the unintended length, but decided against any revising. This was because I felt listening to a relatively relaxed track for a great period of time was something I should strive to do and provide more of. “Humming Sea” features plenty of sounds of the Kaossilator 2 that I had previously unexplored until the track, “Binary,” that I featured on the last version of this segment. This, combined with a flow from returning to my previous album’s themes, brought a more evolved look at my own production. I hope to expand this with my other tools for the next track I plan to produce.

The best part about working with such minimal tools is the experimentation.

As a final note for the segment, I hope to play “You’re Out of the Computer” by Bingo Gazingo and My Robot Friend.

Hear more tonight during the show!