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Join WIDB for the following events!

WIDB will be participating in the following events:

  • The Revolution will be featured in a remote this Thursday, October 10th from 10am to 1pm on the patio near the West entrance of the Student Center.
  • WIDB will be participating in the Homecoming Kickoff on Wednesday, October 16th from 11am to 1pm.
  • WIDB will also be participating in the Homecoming Parade on Saturday, October 19th. The parade will begin at 10am.
  • The Remedy will be featured in a remote on Thursday, October 24th from 10am to 1pm on the patio near the West entrance of the Student Center.

Stay tuned for further news of WIDB events!

Industrial Royale – 10/6/2013

Tonight we’ve got a pretty killer line-up. Opening with DYM’s “Bender” and following up with a set that includes a few new things in the show library! Professor Grim’s “She Speaks to Spiders” and Force.Is.Machine’s “Resurrection.” Both of these are from the good guys over at Beyond Therapy Records. Just like last week, I retrieved these albums from Professor Grim’s album was specifically linked to the Industrial Royale facebook page earlier today as well.



Moving on! Tonight, as you may know, is time for another “Return of Vinyl Tap!” I’m planning on extending this segment out a bit, since I found some sweet records I wanted to play, but too many for a single set. I’m sure Lightning will be in tonight as well. Perhaps even on time?

In a little bit of other news, looking back a few weeks, I shared the album art for Kalm Kaoss III and tonight I will again, because I changed it!

The only problem is that the file I brought is too huge, so you’ll have to wait till after the show! Haha!



Industrial Royale – 9/29/2013

So, as we discussed, I will attempt to make these posts before the show from now on. As I did with this post, they will be named IR – DATE, etc. Perhaps I will include the topic?


Tonight I just wanted to bring up a few groups I recently began listening to or just haven’t spun on the Revolution as of yet. The first being the artist “The Tuesday Night Machines.” I met him on the website,, that I use to distribute my own works. I stumbled upon his work while searching about various pieces of gear and enjoyed it. The song I played tonight for us was “Almost Sunday” from his most recent release on, Jam Sessions EP 3 (attached is a link to his bandcamp site). For reference, and an awesome watch, I’ll link the corresponding Youtube video.

Almost Sunday – The Tuesday Night Machines

I highly suggest hitting up his site and grabbing his EPs.

Next up was SOPOR AETERNUS & The Ensemble of Shadows. I just began listening to this wonderful artist early last week. Tonight I played “Eldorado” from her most recent album (09/2013), Poetica – All Beauty Sleeps (Again, bandcamp link). I won’t bore you too much with my thoughts of praise, instead, I will link the first track I listened to by her in hopes for you to come to your own conclusion. Regardless, I think it is fantastic and I can’t wait to get more for the show.

In der Palästra – SOPOR AETERNUS & The Ensemble of Shadows

I bring the two of these up together, because of their bandcamp use and relatively new appearance to Industrial Royale. I wish a had more to bring to this discussion at the moment, but I am rather sleepy since I am posting this after the show instead of flopping onto my bed. I will catch you next Sunday at 8 pm! The vinyl is ready for RoVT too!



Industrial Royale is Back for the Semester

Hey all, Industrial Royale went back on air last Sunday at 8 pm (Central) and is going to be swinging some new tunes tonight on the Revolution! Planning on staying on all semester, Industrial Royale has updated some info on the IR Facebook page in addition to working on blogging for the WIDB website. Hoping to updated the blog during the show regularly, but for now, we’ve got a post before hand to include the new images.

Here’s a few!



Though they have existed in past renditions of the show, Mikey’s got two segments for this semester: “Return of Vinyl Tap” and “A Look Inside.” The prior (RoVT) is a three track vinyl set, featuring Vinyl Tap’s old buddy, Lightning and the quirks enveloping the awesome morning variety show. RoVT was featured the first week of the semester (9/22/2013), this week however is the latter segment, “A Look Inside.” ALI is a segment of similar length focusing on Mikey’s productions of the past, present, or future. Since he is in the beginnings of a third Kalm Kaoss album, tonight, we can expect to hear some about that and perhaps a track or two that is in progress.

Here is an album art sneak-peak!


As mentioned, or assumed, RoVT and ALI are exchanged each week. The segment(s) air at the middle of the show (9 pm).

That is all for now, we’ll see you at the show!