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WIDB News October 3, 2011

Today marked the first of hopefully many news segments done by John Giannerini and Kyle Fisher. We recapped the potential of a faculty strike on campus and discussed the impact that it could have on students.  Be sure to check out the Revolution every day at 4 p.m., and the Remedy every day at 5 p.m., as well as right here on for our daily podcast, which can be found right here —>  WIDB News 10-3-11

Strike Update

As many of you know, there have been many recent happenings around campus in regards to the possibility of a strike. In the past week, 75 percent of the eligible Association of Civil Service Employees voted 80 percent in favor of the strike authorization on Tuesday. On Wednesday, 88 percent of the eligible Faculty Association voted 92 percent in favor of the strike authorization. Non-Tenure Track faculty will be voting by mail until October 5th.

On Friday, the 88 percent of the Graduate Assistants United eligible to vote turned out and voted 97 percent in favor of the strike authorization after a spirited and inspired informational meeting for G.A.U. members.  During this meeting, a member stood toward the end of the meeting, and compared the University’s current plan of cutting costs and maximizing profits to the business model of The University of Phoenix.  Adding, “If they turn this place into a second-rate University of Phoenix online, that’s what people are going to look at when they see your resume 10 years down the road.” Which resulted in a loud ovation from those in attendance.

On Thursday, a satirical stab at the Chancellor was taken, presumably by a member of the Graduate Assistants United, through the online video site, YouTube.

These concerns, however, are not limited to those members belonging to unions.  Many students are concern by the uncertainty of what will happen to them in the event of a strike on campus, and although both sides are giving answers, there is little consensus. This lack of answers has not gone unnoticed and Leah Stover of the Daily Egyptian raised some of these concerns in a recent editorial, which can be found at the link below.

In an attempt to silence the concerns of the students, Chancellor Rita Cheng recently posted a FAQ page on her webpage, which can be found at the link below.  This seems to address many of the questions that have been raised, but these answers have been considered unsatisfactory by many in the unions, specifically on the issue of replacement professors being used during the absence of any professors.

In another turn of events, the administration chose to remove a listing of salary information from the shelves in Morris Library, which contained information on the pay of graduate assistants, as well as all other employees at the university.  According to the administration, this information should have never been made available, due to graduate assistants being classified as students.  During the Graduate Assistants United meeting on Friday, it was incorrectly stated that this information had been completely destroyed, when in fact, it is under a strict lockdown at Morris Library.

It was also stated at that meeting that this information had been available every year since 1972, WIDB has not been able to confirm or deny this claim, but the timing of this action by the administration does seem to be interesting. More information can be found at the link below.

For any student wishing to find out more about the potential strike, and how it will impact you directly, there will be an informational meeting held by the unions on Wednesday, October 5th at 5 p.m. in Lawson Room 141.

Continue to check back here at for all the latest news and information regarding the strike and any other campus news, and be sure to listen in every weekday starting this week at 4 p.m. to hear all the latest news and information, where we will be focusing on the impact this has on the students. You can find this report at either of the links below, or on channel 5 on the dorm televisions.

Strike Warning for Students

Help SIUC Professors and your education by calling! Feel free to give these numbers out on your show and encourage others to call.

Calling message: Please call these three & tell them “Don’t mess with my education. Settle now.” Board of Trustees office 536-3357; Chancellor Cheng: 453-2341; Preident Poshard: 536-3357. Pass it on. Please ask parents to call too. When you are done, please share and/or retweet the calling message. Let’s come together and solve this. Settle Now!

October 5th Undergraduate Info meet Lawson 141 @ 5:00pm