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Tornado Watch for Carbondale

The National Weather Service has issued a Tornado Watch for Carbondale!

This could last quite awhile, but it does look like the thick of it may have passed over us already.

See the Radar at

I can’t find much other info right now, since I’m in my basement. Take shelter if you are in the Carbondale area, and try to tune in and find a local station broadcasting this on a traditional signal. I haven’t had much luck so far.


Update: 6:48 AM
It appears the worst has passed. WSIU says Tornado warning for Johnson and Polaski counties.
otherwise, the C’dale area appears to be in the clear except for the Tornado Watch going on… I’m no meteorologist, but I want to say that the C’Dale vicinity should be okay.

Barton has done a great job covering this, go here to read up from him. As the latest breaks, he’ll keep updating.

-Lucas McCallister, GM

Lorimor: Lance Jack resigns from City Council, wins liquor license

By Barton Lorimor (

Hoping it would win more votes from his fellow council members for a liquor license that could save his downtown Carbondale business, City Councilman Lance Jack announced his immediate resignation at the end of the governing body’s regular meeting Tuesday night.

Jack, who was first elected in 2003, is the owner and manager of Fat Patty’s restaurant on the South Illinois Avenue strip. His efforts to obtain a liquor license from the Local Liquor Control Commission — which is comprised of Mayor Brad Cole and the City Council — began in the business’ early life. But his fellow City Council members were afraid awarding an active City Council member a liquor license would be a conflict of interest.

Watching from the public seating area, Jack remained motionless as the commission quickly approved his request minutes after his name tag was removed from the Council table.


Welcome 2010 Students!

Ah, so you DID decide to check us out!

Welcome to SIUC, and more specifically, WIDB!  We’re the only Student-Run webstream station in Carbondale, with two streams: one for Alt Rock (The Revolution) and one for Hip Hop (The Remedy).  We get the newest music in town, and we offer the chance for Student DJs to get on air and practice real business skills with us.  There’s no other RSO quite the same as us.

If you’re interested in DJing or anything else, the best thing to do is show up at our next meeting.  Just come on up to the station on the 4th Floor of the Student Center at 5:00 on Wednesdays.  We’re easy to find; we’re pretty much the only ones up there!

Or hey, check us out on Facebook and Twitter.  Things are slow now, but we’ll keep you updated on the latest during the school year.

We’re still looking for a New Webmaster, Chief Engineer, as well as Promotions, PR, and Sales Directors.  No experience required, you just have to be an SIUC student, in good academic standing, and willing to work!  Give our GM, Lucas McCallister, an email, and let him know if you’re interested!