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New on the Metal Stream: Degradations – Degradations

Origin: Atlanta, Georgia391483

Genre: Groove Metal, Sludge Metal

Independently Released on October 22nd, 2013

Degradations have released their self-titled debut shortly after their forming in 2012. Angry and sludgy with flavorings of that mid-paced southern groove style is what you’ll get here. It serves up a plate of metal that is catchy with thick guitar riffs, and a pretty good vocal style that ranges from angry screams to a clean style.

 RIYL: Down, Superjoint Ritual, Black Tusk, Crowbar, Rwake, Zoroaster

Recommended Tracks:

1. Thru Hauntings We Burn

3. The Sleep

5. Sea of Void

7. Scarecrows

New on the Metal Stream: Thraw – Decoding the Past

Origin: SloveniaThraw

Genre: Thrash Metal

Released on October 31st, 2013 on Metal Tank Records

Solid debut for these Eruo-thrashers. It is pretty evident that the old Bay area thrash bands are an influence. This is a catchy album, with a fast tempo and fun guitar hooks. While that hardly isn’t a bad thing, it really isn’t anything new or innovative.

RIYL: Slayer, Exodus, Anthrax, Evile, Warbinger, Diamond Plate, Warpath

Recommended Tracks:

3. Beats of Aggression

4. Pandemic Reflection

6. Factual Perspective

7. Insanity is Unquestionable

8. Thraw

New on the Metal Stream: Ithilien – From Ashes to the Frozen Land

Origin: BelgiumIthilien

Genre: Folk Metal, Melodic Death Metal

Released December 9th, 2013 on Mighty Music Records

“Ithilien” is a province of Gondor in Tolkein’s Middle Earth. Ithilien the band is a Belgian five piece that play a melodic death metal style with some folky flavors atop. Vocals tend to be either a deep growl or a shriek, while the folk elements, which are often bagpipes, violins, or acoustic guitars, are nice compliment to the catchy guitars and double bass drumming.

RIYL: Wolfchant, Ensiferum, Eluveitie

Recommended Tracks:

2. Unleashed

3. Rebirth

5. Through Wind and Snow

7. Drinkin’ Song

8. Mother of the Night

9. Stare Into the Deep

10. Everlasting Dawn

11. A World Undone

New on the Metal Stream: Artillery – Legions

Origin: DenmarkCover

Genre: Thrash Metal

Released on November 26th, 2013 on Metal Blade Records

Artillery is a criminally under-rated band that has been around since the early 1980s, and has released some of the highest quality metal of their time. Their style is a thrash metal with focus on skilled guitar playing of Morten and Michael Stützer and the clean vocals of Michael Bastholm Dahl. Recommended for any thrash metal fan.

RIYL: Testament, Heathen, Megadeth, Forbidden, Flotsam and Jetsam

Recommended Tracks:

1. Chill My Bones (Burn My Flesh)

2. God Feather

3. Legions

5. Global Flatline

6. Die Irae

7. Anno Requiem

10. Echoes of Wrath