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Under the Blacklight

Rilo Kiley
Under the Blacklight
Warner Brothers Records
By: Kelly Reed
3 out of 5 stars

Rilo Kiley, a growing alternative band that holds its roots in Los Angeles, has released their much-anticipated album Under The Blacklight . I am sad to say that even with their growing popularity, their fourth release does not hold up to the standards of past albums such as More Adventurous and The Execution of All Things . This LP starts off with promise as the song “Silver lining” starts to play. In this excellent starting track full of solid sounds, Jenny Lewis sings out with the help of soulful back-up singers and creates an overwhelming sense of peace. Nothing bad can happen as long as this song continues to play, but like all good things it doesn’t last very long. As the album carries on, it loses its touching sorrow and electric beats. Then it transitions into generic tunes such as “The Angels Hung Around” and “Give a Little Love” both of which sound like every love song you have heard through out high school. There were some good qualities of this album though, it should not be written off just yet. There are moments that remind of why you started listening to the band in the first place and you think to yourself, “Yeah that’s it! Let’s hear more of that!” Some of these exciting songs are “The Money Maker”, “Breakin’ Up”, and “Dejalo,” which are full of amazing lyrics, popping synthesizers, and rhythms that keep your head bouncing and hips shaking to the beat.

Jenny Lewis has the ability to write witty lyrics that make you giggle to yourself as you listen, with lines such as “I was smoking him in bed. Yeah, I was smoking in bed” in their song “Smoke Detector”. If it weren’t for her lyrics and the handful of songs that are fresh and new then she would only have the back up singers to keep you listening with their soulful tone. With all of this in mind the album came out average, it’s killer songs were weighed out by mediocrity. I still suggest that you listen to this album and find those great songs, because those are the ones that show that Rilo Kiley is still an incredible band.