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Brand New Show on WIDB!

Hello all! I would like to invite everyone to listen to a brand new show on The Revolution called “Non-Stop 90s” hosted by Annie Potts and Kyle Fisher, Tuesday’s at 4 P.M. where we will be playing all of your favorites from the awesome decade that was the 90s.  We will be discussing the music, the culture of the decade that so many of us grew up in, and how it all relates.  You can expect to hear music from artists such as Third Eye Blind, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chili Peppers, R.E.M., and many many more. I hope that everyone is able to listen in!

Saluki Men’s Basketball Reaction Against Illinois- Springfield

Sam Donets’ take of the Saluki MBB team.

Justin Bocot did exactly what I expected him to do by being aggressive by shooting the ball and drawing fouls. During the first half it felt like he was at the line every two minutes. Also I liked how he finished a lot of plays and moved the ball pretty well. His break out season hopefully will come this year. I almost got scared for a minute when he was very slow to get up after a hard foul on his missed dunk in the 2nd half.

Mamadou Seck was a leader on the court today and was rebounded a ton during the first half. Looked to be in the right spot 90% of them time. Other then that he looked about the same from where he left off from last year just not as many points as I expected him to have.

Jeff Early can fly. He was all over the place and really likes to get physical. He was diving for balls and making sure UIS’s guards couldn’t get the ball out. I think his ball handling skills could use some work because he did lose the balls when running down the court. Did anyone else see that beastly finish on the Ally Oop? I did it was pretty awesome, to bad there was a charge on it, but good read from Setty to set him up for it Early came out of no where for it.

T.J. Lindsey was pretty impressive and definitely a better PG then what we had to watch last year. He can jump and pass the ball but like Early, he could probably use more work when dribbling the ball. But in his first game as a Saluki I think he came as advertised when I first about him. He also came out of no where on a few rebounds which was nice to see effort coming from a JUCO transfer.

Kourtney Goff really impressed me today. I was expecting an average player at best to eat minutes overall if Lindsey and Early get into foul trouble as they did. But wow this kid can play D. 4 steals today 2 in each half. I could see this kid getting a scholarship by the end of the season if they have any remaining. He won’t be an offensive threat but if SIU is going to need a defensive stop during the season he could very well be the best option for that.

Dantiel “Mufasa” Daniels looked a lot like the player SIU once had in Anthony Booker his freshmen year. Big man that likes to get his hands dirty and finish plays on both sides of the ball. He plays much bigger then his size and did come as advertised. He looked like he was having fun on the court today as he should. If he continues to strive I like his chances as Valley Freshmen of the Year. He needs to work on his free throws though he only went 3-8. Defensively he was astonishing he has a bright future.

Treg Setty played solid for his first d-1 game. He may have had only 5 points but his ability to shoot the ball was impressive. He’s a very positive person and likes to talk but his size needs to improve. I can easily see Saluki fans fall in love with this kid in a matter of weeks when he gets used to college basketball and not being the go to guy right away.

Harry Whitt great defense and poise, and he LISTENS. I saw for a good couple of seconds he was talking to Lowery during a free throw shot by UIS to understand what he did wrong. He moves his feet a lot and plays to his size. He should of had 4 maybe 5 blocks in the game if it weren’t for fouls being called. He is growing as a player and by his senior year IF he is here, he should be very special for us by then.

Josh Swan shoots the ball a lot and plays D. Very nice kid and learned from his mistakes. After he adjusts he should be fine and comfortable in this rotation. He too was hungry for the ball but needs to take better shot selection.

Overall I thought it was very watchable. I mean yes there was a lot of sloppiness on the court but they certainly played hard in the first preseason game. I think by game 5 they will have a full understanding of what they need to do to be better. I saw a lot of great ball movement today passing, and some of the players looked like Wide Receivers today when catching long passives. This game only made me more excited for next weeks tune up game against S&T. I really want to see a few more dunks coming from Early, and Bocot if possible.

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