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by Claire Patri

Well, the SIU Salukis have won there first home game of the 2016 year! This is a groundbreaking accomplishment for Head Coach Nick Hill out of Du Quoin, Illinois. He as a Southern Illinois University alum and past quarter back for the Salukis can now say he was worth bringing on to the SIU athletic department in football. I guess his playing experience leading the conference in passing yards-­per-game with 2226.8, total offense with 252.3 and ranked second in passing efficiency (167.1) during his heyday has been translated into coaching skill while the Salukis took Southeast Missouri University 30­-22 Saturday September 10th at Salukis Stadium. Overall, this home opening victory against SEMO gave attendance of 10,003 Salukis fans a great show up match between Hill and SEMO Head Coach Tom Matukewicz.

Sophomore Da’Quan Isom spilled through tackles due to his willingness and strength as Hill’s star running back. Senior Israel Lamprakes throw a little wide for Isom to catch, but also shows his heart as Hill’s star wide receiver. The first half started with a fumble by SEMO while they blew right past the Southern offensive line with their strong defense. This was a reoccurring situation of fumbles and penalties between SEMO 14­94 and SIU 8­92 overall when the game was over. Fumble two out of SEMO fumbles lost 2­1 and 1­0 SIU, was intercepted by SIU number 83 Redshirt Freshmen Jacob Varble out of Jerseyville, ILL. With 7:31secs left in the first quarter the Salukis were not on the score board at 0­3 SEMO. Ending the first quarter with Hill giving a youthful sprint down the field when there were not enough of his defenders on the field to begin the final play, getting the attention of the referee at 3­9 SEMO leading.

Senior wide receiver Billy Reed out of Lockport, ILL also ended the first half with a incomplete to Wide receiver Sophomore Jimmy Jones with two defenders in front of him before SEMO tackle with 3 minutes left on the clock. Going into the second quarter the Salukis kept shooting themselves in the foot with incomplete and penalties. Remarkably, Sophomore Wide receiver Darrell James out of Fort Worth, Texas produced a great play, losing his shoe in the process but kept running for yardage coverage. Hill also liked as it seemed to tell Salukis to get in the pistol formation second and eight with 14:30secs left in the second quarter. There was also a touchdown by Sophomore runner back Jonathan Mixon. Another reoccurring situation was Hill’s use of the shotgun formation as seen in the second quarter at 8:35secs ending with a flag on the play by Junior Corner back Ryan Neal who was holding the arm of SEMO with a pass interference penalty. SEMO kept eyeing the SIU running back for example in the back field =, but not exactly paying attention to their false starts backing them up 5 yards as Salukis gained momentum.

Senior quarterback Josh Straughan gave SIU their first touchdown in the beginning of the third quarter with Junior wide receiver Conner Iwema turning the game around at 17­9 SIU leading. Surprisingly, a possible injury by SIU with Kyle Newquist out of Elgin, ILL who was in grave pain but was able to walk it off. Then back to back SEMO holding penalty by Freshmen corner back Jamers Ceasar, the SIU roughing the passer penalty by Sophomore outside linebacker Withney Simon, who also feared a possible injury at the 32nd yard line but was able to limp it off. But tremendously, Ceasar pulled through a fantastic highlight for SEMO v. SIU game with a touchdown. There was also a forced touchdown by Iwema who took the game into overtime. After this remarkable touchdown by Ceasar, Senior wide receiver Israel Lamprakes dived for the ball resulting in a possible injury and Sophomore wide receiver Jimmy Jones attempt at what would’ve been SIU third touchdown.

Ultimately, going into the fourth quarter SEMO gains their first touchdown by star player Freshmen wide receiver Kristian Wilkerson out of Memphis, Tenn. while the score stands 27­-15 SIU leading. I felt like the Southeast Missouri offense was beginning to feel a little frustrated because they kept false starting gaining them no points on the score board but more penalties. Hill manipulating the I formation for his players, Jones could have had a possible touchdown but James dropped the ball first and goal in the fourth, ending the play with a time out called by Hill. When both strong SIU defenders and strong SEMO offenders came back to make a play, there was a huge sack by Redhawk Senior wide receiver D.J. Foster.

At the SIU Press Conference, Hill addressed what he was proud of despite a close game. How well do you play in the red zone and can you make them kick field goals over and over again was what Coach Hill asked his defense who he said did a great job getting a take away. Coach Hill said precisely, “Everything feels good when you win a football game, close or not close”.

Daniel Hartmann’s NFL Football Week 2 Picks

By Daniel Hartmann

Jets (0-1) vs. Bills (0-1)

The Bills offense was awful last week. Ditto for the Jets. Tyrod Taylor has potential to break out in a hurry. Ryan Fitzpatrick is average in every sense of the word. Both teams have solid defenses, but the Jets have the edge in both departments. A motivated Rex Ryan against his old team is cause for concern for Jets fans, but the Jets pull out a win in a low scoring game.


FINAL- Jets 17- Bills 10


Bengals (1-0) vs. Steelers (1-0)

A matchup of two super bowl contenders. A matchup of two of the top three receivers in the game. Two high powered offenses. Two stingy defenses. I think this one gets decided by the running games. Deangelo Williams is better than Jeremy Hill and Giovani Bernard. And Ben Roethlisberger is better than Andy Dalton. Steelers win by at least a touchdown.


FINAL- Steelers 31- Bengals 20


Lions (1 -0) vs. Titans (0-1)

Matthew Stafford could have taken the year to mourn Calvin Johnson’s retirement. Instead he threw for 340 yards and led a touchdown winning drive in the fourth quarter. The Thunder and Thunder duo of the Titans didn’t get off to a great start, and the Titans only scored 10 points last week. Stafford has a typical Stafford outing and throws for 350 yards with 2 picks.


FINAL- Lions 24- Titans 21


Ravens (1-0) vs. Browns (0-1)

The Browns make me sad so I won’t talk about them. The Ravens have already figured out how to use Mike Wallace; run him 40 yards downfield and throw him bombs. Luckily Joe Flacco can do this.


FINAL- Ravens 20- Browns 7


Cowboys (0-1) vs. Redskins (0-1)

I believe in Dak Prescott and in Ezekiel Elliot. The two rookies have the skills to make this a good game, not to mention the Cowboy’s stellar line. The Redskins are coming off a big loss to the Steelers, and will be playing on short rest.


FINAL- Cowboys 20- Redskins 16


Saints (0-1) vs. Giants (1-0)

This game alone might be worth getting NFL pass for. WE could see a combined 80 points and I wouldn’t even bat an eye. Brees and Manning are both healthy, as are their weapons. Expect to see a five minute highlight reel in this one, and hope you don’t face any of these guys in your fantasy league.


FINAL- Giants 48- Saints 42


49ers (1-0) vs. Panthers (0-1)

The 49ers were much better than expected against the Rams. But there were some who said all along that San Francisco could be good this year. I just don’t see it happening again against the Panthers in Cam Newton’s revenge game. He’s angry about two straight defeats and repeated shots to the head. You don’t make Superman angry without consequences.


FINAL- Panthers 35- 49ers 14


Dolphins (0-1) vs. Patriots (1-0)

The Dolphins defense looks scary this year. Obviously the Seahawks aren’t on the Patriots level, even without Brady and Gronk, but still. If Tannehill can connect on some shots, this could be a better game than expected. Garroppolo could have Gronk back this week though, and he showed a lot in his first game as a starter. The Patriots are the best team in the league.


FINAL- Patriots 24- Dolphins 13


Chiefs (1-0) vs. Texans (1-0)

Both teams are coming off impressive wins in week one. The Texans started slow and then held off the Bears in the second half, while the Chiefs pulled off a historic come back against the Chargers. A rematch of last year’s playoffs, this could well come down to a healthy JJ Watt. If he’s not full speed, expect a high scoring game. If he is, the Texans win big.


FINAL- Chiefs 30- Texans 27.


Seahawks (1-0) vs. Rams (0-1)

Hey LA fans, feel our pain. I’ve been watching the Rams for 15 years now, and that game still hurt me to watch. Imagine if you’re not used to it. The Seahawks are the Seahawks. The Legion of Boom is back, and Russell Wilson makes magic. No upsets for the Rams this time.

FINAL- Seahawks 31- Rams 12


Buccaneers (1-0) vs. Cardinals (0-1)

Jameis Winston is not a star in the making. He’s a star right now. He has weapons in Doug Martin, Austin Sefarian-Jenkins and Mike Evans, and this is a playoff team. Unfortunately for them, so are the Cardinals. Yes, the Cardinals lost at home last week. But that was to a Patriots team loving the underdog role. Carson Palmer has more weapons than he knows what to do with and they want to get back to their winning ways. Cardinals in a shootout.


FINAL- Cardinals 42- Buccaneers 35


Jaguars (0-1) vs. Chargers (0-1)

The Jaguars are the bandwagon team of the year. Get on now, or there will be no space. They just gave the PACKERS and ARRON RODGERS everything they could handle. This is a good, young football team. The Chargers on the other hand, most likely just crashed their bandwagon with that horrible loss to the Chiefs last week. I don’t care how good Phillip Rivers is, or how good Melvin Gordon can be.


FINAL- Jaguars 35- Chargers 21


Falcons (0-1) vs. Raiders (1-0)

Remember when everyone said Matt Ryan was the future of the NFL? Hey everyone, meet Derek Carr. He is what people thought Ryan could be, and he’s only in his third year. The Raiders have weapons on both sides of the ball, the Falcons, only on one. The defenses make the difference in this game.


FINAL- Raiders 23- Falcons 16


Colts (0-1) vs. Broncos (1-0)

Here’s a “what if” for you. What If Andrew Luck had the Broncos defense? That team would go 15-1 at the least. As it is, we get to watch the Colts struggle even with a generational talent at QB, while Denver is going to win a lot of close games with a former 7th round pick starting for them. That being send, here is my upset pick of the week. Luck does Luck things, and Semien shows a few cracks.


FINAL- Colts 24- Broncos 20


Packers (1-0) vs. Vikings (1-0)

The Monday Night Football game could well be the best game of the week (Either this or Steelers-Bengals). The best quarterback in the game goes against the best defense in the game. And yes I think the Vikings have a better defense than the Broncos, Patriots, or Seahawks, or whoever else you want to argue. On the other side of the ball, the Packers D is good, not great, and Adrian Peterson is still Adrian Peterson for the Vikings. This one could go either way, but I’m going Packers on the road in this one. Ask me again later if I think the Vikings would have won with Bridgewater instead of Bradford or Hill.


FINAL- Packers 17- Vikings 14


Jeremy Sneed’s Week 2 NFL Picks

by Jeremy Sneed

Thursday Night Football 7:25 Jets (0-1) @ Bills (0-1)

-The Bills offense performed very poorly against the Ravens in week 1.  The Jets offense looked pretty good, but just got out performed by AJ Green and the Bengals in week 1.  I think the Jets will bounce back and be victorious against the Ryan brothers and the Buffalo Bills.

Final Score: 32-27

Sunday Noon Games

Bengals (1-0) @ Steelers (1-0)

-Besides the Saints-Giants game, I think this will be the second most entertaining game because of defense.  The Saints-Giants game will be offensively driven, while Bengals-Steelers will be low scoring and defensively driven.  In this hard fought matchup, I think the Bengals pull off the upset on the road.

Final Score: 17-16

Titans (0-1) @ Lions (1-0)

-The Lions were able to defeat the Colts in week 1 thanks to a game-winning field goal from Matt Prater.  I predict that the Lions will have an easier time in winning this week against the Titans.

Final Score: 37-23

Ravens (1-0) @ Browns (0-1)

-Now that RG3 has been placed on IR, I think the Browns have less of a chance of being competitive this season.  So, I think the Ravens will improve to 2-0 in what should be a pretty easy victory this week.

Final Score: 25-13

Cowboys (0-1) @ Redskins (0-1)

-The Cowboys are coming off a game that they should have won.  All Terrance Williams had to go was get out of bounds and Dan Bailey would have won the game.  The Redskins, on the other hand, got torn apart by Antonio Brown and Big Ben.  I think the Redskins will bounce back successfully with a key divisional matchup home win.

Final Score: 36-26

Saints (0-1) @ Giants (1-0)

-Let’s go back to last season: Saints 52 Giants 49.  Drew Brees threw for 505 yards and 7 touchdowns while Eli Manning threw 6 touchdowns of his own.  This year should be now different and I think the emergence if Willie Snead will solidify another victory for the Saints over the Giants.

Final Score:     55-48

49ers (1-0) @ Panthers (0-1)

-The 49ers were lucky in week one to face the LA Rams at home.  They were able to shutout the Rams 28-0, but didn’t look very impressive in doing so.  I think the Panthers will bounce back from a tough week 1 loss to an easy home win against the Niners.

Final Score: 48-14

Dolphins (0-1) @ Patriots (1-0)

-This is another game that I think will be a blow out.  While the Dolphins did contend throughout their week 1 matchup against Seattle, it will be a different story in week 2.  I think Garoppolo and Gronk will own the Dolphins defense in a blowout victory at home.

Final Score: 52-20

Chiefs (1-0) @ Texans (1-0)

-While the Chiefs looked horrible through the first half against the Chargers, they were able to come back from a 27-9 deficit to win.  The Texans also came back from a half-time deficit to defeat the Bears.  JJ Watt wasn’t much of a factor in week 1, but I think he will make an impact in week 2.  With his impact, I think the Texans pull out a huge home victory against the Chiefs.

Final Score: 23-19

Sunday Afternoon Games

3:05 Seahawks (1-0) @ Rams (0-1)

-This game will not be close as the Seahawks will dominate the Rams.  It is simple as that.  Final Score: 49-7.

3:05 Buccaneers (1-0) @ Cardinals (0-1)

-The Cardinals suffered a tough loss last Sunday night because that was a game they should have won.  A bad snap lead to a missed game-winning field goal from Chandler Catanzaro.  I do believe in the Cardinals this week at home against the Buccaneers.  However, I do think the Buccaneers will contend for most of this game.  The main difference will be the Cardinals defense being clutch down the stretch.

Final Score:     30-22

3:25 Jaguars (0-1) @ Chargers (0-1)

-In the battle of two of the worst teams of the last decade, this is a hard one to predict.  The Jaguars nearly defeated the Green Bay Packers in week 1.  On the other hand, the Chargers blew a 27-9 lead in Kansas City!  With that being said, I think the Jaguars will be victorious in this game because their loss was less traumatic because they didn’t blow the game.

Final Score: 27-16

3:25 Falcons (0-1) @ Raiders (1-0)

-The Raiders offense proved they could put up big numbers by scoring 35 points in week 1.  I think this week is no different as this game should be very entertaining.  I am confident that the Raiders offense can outshine Matt Ryan and their dangerous offense.  The Raiders will be victorious and improve to 2-0.

Final Score: 38-31

3:25 Colts (0-1) @ Broncos (1-0)

-The Colts were one of many teams that suffered heart-breaking losses in week 1.  The Broncos were not one of those teams as they made quick work in defeating the Panthers.  The Broncos is insanely good right now and I think that Andrew Luck and the Colts offense struggle mightily in this game and the Broncos get an easy victory to improve to 2-0.

Final Score: 45-14

Sunday Night Football 7:25 Packers (1-0) @ Vikings (1-0)

-The Vikings defense saved the game last week against the Titans forcing two turnovers for touchdowns.  The Packers though got lucky as well, for if it wasn’t for a dropped touchdown by Allen Robinson, the Packers would be 0-1.  The Packers dominate inside their own division and I think this game will be no different as the Packers roll over the Vikings.

Final Score:42-20

Monday Night Football 7:30 Eagles (1-0) @ Bears (0-1)

-Rookie QB Carson Wentz looked pretty damn good in the opening week against the Cleveland Browns.  Meanwhile, the Bears defense didn’t look very good at all against Houston.  In what I think will be a very entertaining game, Carson Wentz gets the job done again.  If the Bears defense can make Brock Osweiler look good, then Wentz should look like a Hall-of-Famer.

Final Score: 31-27

Jeremy Sneed Week 1 NFL Draft Picks

Thursday Night Football

7:30 PM Carolina Panthers @ Denver Broncos

-In this super bowl rematch, it is important to acknowledge the differences in that game and this one.  The Panthers were without Kelvin Benjamin and the Broncos have a new QB, Trevor Siemian.  Keeping this simple, I think the Panthers will blow out the Broncos and I think Siemian struggles against the Panthers defense.

Final Score:  45-17

Sunday Early Games

Minnesota Vikings @ Tennessee Titans

-With Teddy Bridgewater injured, I think it will take a few weeks for the Vikings to get their offense on the right page.  With that being said the Titans are going be very competitive and I think they start the season on the right track with a home victory.

Final Score: 24-18

Chicago Bears @ Houston Texans

-This is a hard game for me to pick because of the fact that I am a Bears fan.  JJ Watt is still questionable for this game and I think if he doesn’t play then the Bears win, but they lose if he plays.  So, assuming that he does play this week, I think Brock Osweiler gets his first Texans victory against my Bears.

Final Score: 23-17

Cleveland Browns @ Philadelphia Eagles

-I believe the Browns will be sneaky good this season with the likes of RG3, Josh Gordon, Gary Barnidge & Corey Coleman.  The Eagles are starting #2 overall pick Carson Wentz this week after trading Sam Bradford to the Vikings.  I think the Browns will upset Wentz and the Eagles with a very close win on Sunday.

Final Score: 28-27

Buffalo Bills @ Baltimore Ravens

-I think this an easy game to predict: Buffalo Bills.  The Ravens are recovering from a lot of injuries and the Bills are coming off a promising season with Tyrod Taylor emerging as a star.

Final Score: 31-19

San Diego Chargers @ Kansas City Chiefs

-I think that the Chargers are going to be the worst team this season.  So I think the season starts off on a bad foot on the road in KC.  I predict that the Chiefs easily take down the Chargers with a final score of 35-15.

Oakland Raiders @ New Orleans Saints

-This game has the potential to be a very entertaining matchup and I think it will live up to that hype.  Both teams are going to air it our down the field and it will come down to turnovers to prove who wins this game.  I think the Raiders defense will hold up and help Oakland win their season opener.

Final Score: 36-28

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Atlanta Falcons

-I believe that this game will be very offensive driven as well.  Just like with Oakland and New Orleans, I think this will game will come to which defense will be able to stop who later on in the game.  When it’s all said and done I think that Famous Jameis and the Buccaneers will come out on top in the season opener.

Final Score: 27-21

Cincinnati Bengals @ New York Jets

-The New York Jets have a lot to prove this season because they were very close to making the playoffs and now they have Matt Forte and resigned Ryan Fitzpatrick.  The Bengals have been a very successful regular season team, but have yet to make it far in the playoffs.  In a close game, dominated by defense, I think that the Bengals pull out the win on the road.

Final Score: 17-14

Green Bay Packers @ Jacksonville Jaguars

-While I do think that the Jaguars are going to win the AFC South Division, I think this will be a game that they will be unable to win.  I do think they will make it very close, but Aaron Rodgers comes through clutch for the Packers and helps them win their season opener.

Final Score: 24-17

Sunday Afternoon Games

3:05 PM Miami Dolphins @ Seattle Seahawks

-There isn’t much to say about this game except that the Seahawks are going to be way too much for the Dolphins to handle.  I think Russell Wilson leads a blowout victory at home.

Final Score: 45-14

3:25 PM New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys

-With Tony Romo injured, fans immediately thought back to last season when the Cowboys went 0-12 without Tony Romo.  This season will be different though with rookie Dak Prescott in line to start.  Despite the fact the Giants opened up the checkbook this offseason to sign defensive players, I think Prescott and fellow rookie Ezekiel Elliott will lead the Cowboys to a much needed home victory.

Final Score: 42-38

3:25 PM Detroit Lions @ Indianapolis Colts

-This is a very hard game to predict because it is hard to tell how well Andrew Luck is going to perform coming off of all of his injuries sustained last season.  The Lions on the other hand lost Calvin Johnson due to retirement, but did bring in Marvin Jones to try to help out the receiving core.  In this game, I think it will come down to the running game between Ameer Abdullah & Frank Gore.  I think the Colts win this battle and pick up their first win of the season.

Final Score: 23-16

Sunday Night Football

7:30 PM New England Patriots @ Arizona Cardinals

-I think this game is going to be a blowout victory for the New England Patriots.  I don’t really know what it is about the Cardinals but I think they are very overrated.  Also, I think Jimmy Garoppolo is eager to prove his worth in the NFL.  I believe he is going to make a statement in week 1 that he is ready to dominate the NFL for years to come.

Final Score: 52-21

Monday Night Football

6:10 PM Pittsburgh Steelers @ Washington Redskins

-Kirk Cousins proved last season that he is a dominating figure at the quarterback position.  The issue for me comes with the lack of weapons that the Redskins have.  I think the presence of Antonio Brown alone will help the Steelers win this game.  I do think that Cousins will make it a close game though.

Final Score: 31-23

9:20 PM Los Angeles Rams @ San Francisco 49ers

-The Rams are back in Los Angeles!  Luckily for them they get the play the 49ers in their return to LA.  The 49ers have a lot of issues besides Colin Kaepernicks national anthem stance.  I think the Rams ride Todd Gurley’s bandwagon and he single-handedly beats the 49ers.

Final Score: 17-7


Sorry for the delay in posting this. These will be regular posts from here on out so expect two draft picks this week from Jeremy.

-WIDB/SPC Graduate Advisor